Vikatan goes bonker-bonks

thavamaai thavamirindhu

Seems like movie of the year has finally arrived. Ananda Vikatan’s review of Thavamaai Thavamirundhu[needs uid/pass] would even make a Cheran basher, develop an urge to watch the movie.

Cheran has been writing a series for Vikatan on making of this movie. Vikatan’s overwhelming response could be a result of that but I choose to think that this is truly good cinema. All I could do is keep hoping that way until I get to watch it.

13 responses to “Vikatan goes bonker-bonks”

  1. I feel the movie deserves a 53… The emotions are potrayed so naturally that they really move you… Raj Kiran definitely deserves a special mention… and am sure he is a hot contender for an award this year !!!


  2. The review in KUMUDAM too rates TT as very good.
    (somewhere ard 4.5-4.6 out of 5!).
    waiting to watch this movie(when i am really on a high cos i am sure TT will make u feel low!!)


  3. For starters, I am not much of a movie watcher.. That too the tamil movies are a rare treat for me.. Given the “exceptional” quality of Tamil films with their Kuthu Paatu and Double meaning dialogues, I wasn’t expecting anything when I walked into the movie theater to watch TT..BOy! What a surprise..I have heard of Cheran’s earlier flick “Autograph” was good.. but haven’t seen that one, I wasn’t really sure what kinda director Cheran was..Truly a blessing for Tamil Cinema..If someone can deliver a movie that’s free of the above mentioned “useless” malasa crap (Kukthu pattu, double meaning dialogues, etc) and continue to make the viewer feel a part of the movie, Damn.. That’s a rare sign of progress in the Tamil movie business.. Though the second half was a bit soggy (heard the woman next to me shedding those tears) and dragging its feet for a bit too long, It sure deserves some praise for the way the director has portrayed the characters and how he has related each one of them to most of what we all, a family folks, have gone through in our relationships with Mom, dad & siblings..

    Good work.. Kudos to Cheran for coming up with something Orginial and not resorting to the “copy & remake” from Hollywood..BTW, did anyone tell me why is Vikatan so hyped up for their rating.. For that matterm does any one know what is their basics behind this scoring process? In a way, they have made Tamil makkal a firm believer of its ranking system..

    oops.. One last thing.. The gyal, Padma Priya, seems to be one of the best arrivals in Tamil after a long time.. If someone calls Jyothika as a good actress (I call it over acting) after watching Chandramukhi, they oughta watch this one..A calm and cool performer, she matches Cheran well in that role..


  4. The movie is excellent, as one can expect from Cheran.Kudos to Cheran for making a decent movie with a fresh theme.


  5. sorry LG to drag u to the “unfinished” debate on who is the best director of Tamil Cinema. Remember all u guys were up in arms against hapless mutrupully for making a “blasphemy” against ur fav director mani sir?the major crib was chearn could never make his characters subdued.examples were many, porkalam et if subtlety,underplayed emotions were the sole prerogative of maniratnam.LG i only pray that u watch ASAP TT and give ur verdict,i for one never doubted cheran’s ability to make this kinda movie.methinks he has finally arrived in the big legue of directors who needs atleat a warm welcome if not a wholesome celebration.also with liberties taken from u, i would rather renew the “unfinished” debate.and mind u i’m no hater of manirathnam!!


    Tamil Films can run full house without the usual “masala” like fighting, inserted comedy scenes. etc