Big fish. Small Fish.


Even with a string of not-so-big movies and a long tail of media ventures failing, I was hoping that Spielberg’s Dreamworks SKG would never go away. But the ancient theory of big fish eating small fish happened to spill over Spielberg’s dreams too. And Paramount bought Dreamworks for $1.6 billion.

By no way one could write a tribute for the eaten-up production house of Spielberg, Dreamworks. I’ve been thinking atleast for 2 years that Mani Ratnam’s Madras Talkies should be cloning what Spielberg and his partners at Dreamworks are doing to Hollywood. So what where they doing ?

The new studio was portrayed as heralding a tectonic shift in the way the industry operates. The perception was fed by the principals themselves, with Katzenberg telling reporters at the launch news conference, “I look at the three of us and think this has got to be the Dream Team.”

It’s hard to think that we may not see the boy throw the fishing rod from the moon. It was a symbol of good cinema. There is always another hope left.

3 responses to “Big fish. Small Fish.”

  1. Mukundhan Avatar

    totally unreleated , but watch this funny video :


  2. randramble Avatar

    Yes, I too was saddened by this development. Though DreamWorks did make movies with some minimum quality, I don’t think it can be compared to Miramax.


  3. nona (anon is back) Avatar
    nona (anon is back)

    btw – the original miramax team (the weinstein bros) arent w/ the company anymore. they sold it to disney and started their own company


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