Rajini’s Sivaji – Get…Set..Go !!

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Sivaji in hindu
[Scanned from newspaper, this morning]

Recieved this Sivaji poster a few minutes back from Karthi, a friend and a theevira Rajini fan, who eventually told me first about Jaggubhai stuff. If only I got my hand on this yesterday…what a birthday post, it would have made. Yo !! is that Rajini, looks a lot younger with the new hairstyle(!!).

So they are starting today in Hyderabad and there you go, I’m already drooling the sort-a-dream-team – Rajini(obviously), Rahman, Sujatha and ofcourse Shankar. Add to it K.V Anand, Thotta and Raju. Are they selling tickets already ?

45 thoughts on “Rajini’s Sivaji – Get…Set..Go !!

  1. Sujatha/Shankar duo joins the crew for the first time with Super Star.

    Hope this team will present the blasting feast for Cinema lovers.

    Ini Sivaji Dharisanam…

    – smruthi

  2. Hmmm…..with the absolute Dream Team, I was hoping to see a breakthrough promo. Turns out it isn’t. Anyway, I’m still excited! Especially in anticipation of the kind of music that the other BOSS will make this time 🙂

  3. ……………………………………………………………………………..

    [P.S.:- Photo parthathil irunthu varthai vara matengrathu]

  4. rajni is lucky t hav shankar as his director, and viseverse…the getu is super and dont look old, can anyone confirms does he having a small kurunthaadi right below his lower lip?? it seems to be

    i hope soon i can see someone waring a similar shirt of what is seen in 1st still

  5. I hope this comes out as a ‘good’ movie, like Mani Ratnam did 14 years ago, with his kind of script but also using Rajini’s charisma. But with AVM backing, I have my doubts…..

  6. Lazy,

    Seriously .. before the movie releases .. neenga yellam paithiyam pidichu paayai suranda pooreenga !!. 🙂 BTW: 1st poster does look awesome ..

  7. great promos, but looks a little 80-ish; in teh first one it looks like the jeans is a little “loose” and rajini is propping it up w/ his hands in the pockets 🙂

  8. enna LG, indha sottai edho oru asingama wig pottunda, he looks younger. god, he looks like an idiot, how can you all support this faggot.

  9. Guru,
    The makeup and glasses reminds me of Dawood Ibrahim. Maybe I am imagining things here but we might be looking at another Baasha like ‘Don’ story. “The boss” adds some credibility to this theory. What says you?

  10. Sunil, I am sure the other boss is getting ready for the Rajini/Shankar combo. Actually he has double work to do.

    Silicon Sillu, He sure has a kurunthaadi.

  11. Sivaji looks better than Dr. Saravannan. I hope the costume designer and the make up man should work hard to show him young and ofcourse KV Anand too..Tough assignment..

    I am not understanding one thing. On AVM banner why “Innai thayarippu – SP Muthuraaman”.

  12. randramble: JD-Jerry did not do Ullasam :O
    Ullasam was by Karthikraaja! JD-Jerry did Thotta Sinungi (if I am right), Devayani’s debut movie..

  13. either it will be a another utter sothapals movie like Anniyan or it can be a super hit like thalapathy.
    zombie predictions

  14. randramble : JD-Jerry, the twin directors had directed Ullasam and Whistle. Now they are doing gingles and advertisements. Most of the chennai silks, Sarvana stores ads are done by them. Shankar is using them as assistant directors for their creativity.

  15. //can anyone confirms does he having a small kurunthaadi right below his lower lip?? it seems to be//

    Yes, he has one !!

  16. Adadadaaaa…mudala inagedhan parthen! Thalaivaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    thalaivarin ko.pa.se

  17. Now Wait …. Peter Hain for Stunt sequences and Raju Sundaram for Choreography – So can we expect more than just shaani midhiyals for dance and Whishk, Whishk noise for stunts ???. This is one thalaivar picture I sure don’t want to miss.

  18. Addl. Piece: Nalla utha patha thalai kadhula oru ear ring theriyudhu appo….

    Ore kalakals thampo, oru stilluke…ivalavu analysis..

  19. hey
    i am a big fan of A.R.Rahman,Pls add a photo
    of rahman in all SIVAJI’S posters,cassets,cd’s.
    Its a request to Shanker.

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  21. dey dubukku…thalaivar padathule A.R.Rahman poster edhukku daa?… enakku 2006 diwali thala diwali adhai naan edhirpaarkkale thalaivaroda padathai thaan edhirpaarkkaren :)))

  22. Rajni Sir, summa asattiringa. I am waiting to watch SIVAJI. All the best.

    Best compliments from:

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