Kamal Sighting in New York

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I know that a dude named Zombie who has been a long term commenter here is upset that most of what he spots on this blog, these days, are crap. Zombie, Thanks for the note and truly understand what you are saying. Will try avoiding such stuff. Still, couldn’t resist posting this.

Thanks to Anti who forwardded this snap of Kamal and Jyothika in New York. This is the second Kamal NY Sighting in the past few days. The first one is here. Looks like the Vettayadu Villayadu crew is having fun around. Spot the third VIP in the picture.

Living Seattle

Midnight Thanks ‘Buying’ !!

I am not an electronics nut. Still the plan for tonight is this. Myself and a bunch of self-proclaimed geeks are haunting the COMPUSA, opening at 11:59 pm. Have decided to buy a couple of ‘essential’ electronics including an 160 GB external hardrive at $49.99. Thats a kill for that money.

Also, planning to wait in the Seattle cold from 4:30 am for the opening of Best Buy at 5:00 am tomorrow morning. Haven’t yet decided what to buy because there is always something to buy. XBOX 360 ? Not sure but I’m raking my brains and thinking if $399 is worth it. If it was PS3, I would have readily bought it. But then, the ads of XBOX 360 is just scintillating. Looks like it will be a quite an experience.

There is also a wireless broadband router at sale. Sony 5 megapizel with 10x zoom on sale. DV-Rs, CD-RWs, DVDs, Camcorders, MP3 Players are all on sale for this Black Friday 2005. For a male, even if you window shop, electronics is dope. And BTW, who said I am not an electronics nut ?


What’s up blogs ?

Ganesh a music enthusiast and a singer himself writes about his friend Jay Krishnan who composes music and also give us a sneak peek into Jay’s works. I just can’t believe that the Panithirai song, rendered by Radhika was recorded in a homse studio. One I’m amazed about the tech wizardry that crawls into your living room and two the huge talents Jay and Radhika. Do listen to the song Panithirai. Pretty Cool.

This superb tiny post of Chenthil, I apologize, sums up the Tamil Nadu affairs for you. Did I link to the post, I Apologize.

Karthik finds Sujatha’s Shortstory themes to be repetitious. But he also drafts the reasons for Sujatha’s popularity.

Suderman Kamath bangs again with this superb post, Maja and the politics of stardom!. I’m buying his arguments and think the issue people had with Sivakasi can’t be explained better. Until someone comes up with an counter argument, Ellarum Majavaa Irunga !!

CCG is blogged-out and hence wants to log-out. I don’t think he can.

There’s another, yeah another Chennai Blogger Meet coming up. Kribs is doing the roll-call.