What’s up blogs ?

Ganesh a music enthusiast and a singer himself writes about his friend Jay Krishnan who composes music and also give us a sneak peek into Jay’s works. I just can’t believe that the Panithirai song, rendered by Radhika was recorded in a homse studio. One I’m amazed about the tech wizardry that crawls into your living room and two the huge talents Jay and Radhika. Do listen to the song Panithirai. Pretty Cool.

This superb tiny post of Chenthil, I apologize, sums up the Tamil Nadu affairs for you. Did I link to the post, I Apologize.

Karthik finds Sujatha’s Shortstory themes to be repetitious. But he also drafts the reasons for Sujatha’s popularity.

Suderman Kamath bangs again with this superb post, Maja and the politics of stardom!. I’m buying his arguments and think the issue people had with Sivakasi can’t be explained better. Until someone comes up with an counter argument, Ellarum Majavaa Irunga !!

CCG is blogged-out and hence wants to log-out. I don’t think he can.

There’s another, yeah another Chennai Blogger Meet coming up. Kribs is doing the roll-call.

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  1. Funny story. I heard PaniThirai almost an year back and have someone else (not Jay) tell me its their work

    People are sometimes funny


  2. LazyGeek, Thanks for your link to Ganesh’s article. Pani Thirai was the first time I recorded Vocals at my studio – it is indeed amazing what you can do with a home studio in the corner of your room! Software technology has progressed so much that we no longer need bulky hardware to get top notch quality.
    Ganesh..you got here earlier. Thanks for thanking on my behalf 🙂

    To the post above this, can you give me any details about who it was?