14 thoughts on “I would love to stay

  1. Dreamhost. They have the best deal. Till last month they had a anniversary deal. I would suggest U to email their sales team and try to get the deal.

    free domain registration till U host with them. N0 limit on bandwidth.

    CHeck them out.


  2. I was just about to quote the same as Shyam – LunarPages. If I’m not mistaken, they are hosting desipundit.com.

    Their basic plan has 100 GB transfer/month for 7.95. Good luck with whichever host you choose.


  3. I guess everything depends on your bandwidth. I’d go the TCH way, and upgrade to a plan with a bit more bandwidth 🙂

    Another suggestion is take Lunarpages Shuttle plan – 3GB storage/100 GB bandwidth/$7.95/month.


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