Anand on CEO Blogs

Ashwini’s column in Silicon India on CEO blogging opens up a whole new perspective on why CEO and top executives should blog. She drives her point through two top executives in the valley. Anand Chandrasekharan, a friend of mine, co-founder of Aeroprise and more importantly a guest blogger to this blog, talks about his experiences on blog evangelism and its impact in markets. Rajesh Setty, well known for his book Life Beyond Code, also throws light.

From Ashwini’s column, Logged out, Blogged in

While blogs have caught the frenzy of many CEO’s and top executives, it has also entered the world of news. Traditional Web columns and e-newsletters have moved to a blog type columns allowing instant comments and feedback. When you blog, people read. But what happens when you get blogged. Aeroprise, a mobile workflow management company found itself in a middle of heavy Web traffic!

On another note, Anand‘s Aeroprise also made it to SiliconIndia Top 100[PDF]. Anand, Three cheers for the next stuff.

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