How crazy can you get ?

sulekha ad
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Found this Ad on Sulkeha given by a dude. Though seems like a perfect business deal at the first sight, I donno what to say. Isn’t this the heights of chauvinism ?

And they are talking about equal rights for a girl and free education for ‘single girls’ back in India. Indian Education ki Jay !! NRIs ki jay !!

12 responses to “How crazy can you get ?”

  1. Idiots… whats with these guys(?). I hope the poster was clever enough to at least give a fake id/ph number as contact…



  2. LOL.A perfect example of a “multiple-meaning” ad.I dont really know if Vivek Shankar(as he calls himself)is really serious or jus having fun thru the choice of his words!
    Geek,you know,there will be a ‘paradigm shift’ in one’s outlook of that ad if the ‘us’ is taken as Mr&Mrs Shankar.After all,its not new to hear from Indian mothers,”samaikka kashtama irukkamma?naan vena oru nalla ponna paathu anuppava?!”
    But,really,this ad isnt that surprising after coming across thousands of dash dash ads in ‘matrimonials’.I guess Vivek might pounce back at us with a Nayakan style dialogue “avangala adanga sollu,naan adangaren”!!!


  3. haha, at the first reading, I just found it plain hilarious. I mean, it IS funny. ..and then we think, and think, and yeaa it gets offensive if you want to take offence. I think either the poster is
    a. just kidding around
    b. has completely lost it
    c. is genuinely looking for some good food, and is willing to work with the barter system – food vs rent – and hopefully nothin’ else :-))


  4. This ad is a code to help psycho-guys to meet one another. Everybody knows ‘good’ Indian girls don’t cook anymore.


  5. Wow! This is quite crazy!

    And to correct the lazy geek…its not even a good business proposition! Its a 1 bedroom house and they’re already a “we”. But now, “We” = 2 or 3 or 4, we do not know…by the looks of the craziness I am not quite sure….

    “We” might even be Vivek and his alter ego Shankar!

    First thing for tomorrow morning: Mail my friends in microsoft(Indian in Seattle = MS) and find out if there exists such an intruiging character such as Vivek (or Shankar :-)).


  6. Lazy,

    Wow !! .. atleast ony guy had to guts to stand up for what he is .. a MCP. Imagine the roles being reversed, dear god .. ;).


  7. Thats the problem,Geek;’good’ is a subjective word and varies based on perception.
    If the guy had been serious or atleast innocent in his usage of words,we could’ve called it a business deal. But,i guess he is not.
    What aNTi hoped has come true.His yahoo id doesnt exist.His contact number is a fake.Though the area code refers to Tennessee,its a 11 digit number,hence,false.He deserves being called a male chauvinist and its high time he learns that there are far better ways to have fun!