4 thoughts on “Free education for girls

  1. Hmm… considering the motto of CBSE “Asatoma Sadgamaya” which means “Lead me from the unreal to the real”, this particular amendment in the affiliation bye-laws only proves that the board has gone into a span of selective amnesia or may be it is constructing a ‘brilliant’ long-term plan—“The girl candidates chosen under the law will get influenced by this kind gesture and hence,after passing out they will contribute to the school’s development”… but,a very small flaw in the board’s thinking-“THE GIRLS WONT PASS OUT COZ THE SCHOOL WOULD’VE GOT SHUT DOWN IN THE VERY FIRST YEAR OF IMPLEMENTATION”. And,if by any chance the board really considers this to be a great step against discrimination of girls,i could only tell them “E-BAY”(check out the meaning in Russian).
    Geek,here is the link to the original circular. A crappy justification for the crappy concept…


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