Happy Birthday Dude !! – Kamalhassan

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Wishing the Jeeves of Indian Cinema an incredible birthday.

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  1. Parupps Avatar

    Happy Birthday to Kalaignani KamalHassan.


  2. aNTi Avatar

    Wow.. awesome picture. From the locale and the dress, I am guessing that this is either from the shooting location for either MMKR or Pesum Padam!


  3. tambram Avatar

    I was hoping for a lengthier post from you on this subject LG!


  4. ram Avatar

    what’s the story behind that interesting pic of our B’day boy?!


  5. Ganesh Avatar

    From the angle from which the photo has been taken, I would say that this is during the times of “Apoorva Sagotharargal”…. This picture shows him “small” ain’t it ?


  6. Arvind Avatar

    What a pic! Anyways happy B’bday Nayagan!


  7. aNTi Avatar

    Rediff has a feature on titled – The Kamalhaasan Phenomenon here –>
    While I don’t have any complaints about the choice of Avvai Shanmughi/Chachi 420 as one of his best, the choice of pics for that particular movie could have been better. Looks like one of those soft porn sites 🙂


  8. aNTi Avatar

    And, oh btw, there are the cursory nods to the Superstar as well, in that feature. But, which reviewer can help it, these two’s careers have been interlinked forever!


  9. Deepak Avatar

    Happy birthday, Mr.Maverick!
    That is a lovely rare pic. Yeah I too saw the rediff page from my office pc and was a bit embarassed when i opened up the avvai shanmugi section, amidst my office crowd.
    btw, vijay tv too celebrated his b’day by telecasting one of his worst ever movies, ‘mangamma sabatham’..lol. Still I watched it, cos it was one of his few movies i had missed out. hmm..if people wonder why vijay and ajith openly bash each other in movies thesedays, watch this movie guys. the villain’s son is a rajini look alike who gets insulted and thrashed in every scene by Kamal. Kamal mouths dialogues like “Romba style pannadhe. Pinniduven”….lol..


  10. Zero Avatar

    Its Michael from MMKR!! Look at the dress (which he wears in that legendary climax) and it is way too obvious!


  11. Zero Avatar

    and Lazy,
    great pic man!! worth being a part of the essential MMKR collection! I seriously need some off-screen stuff when these guys made the classic.
    Now, I get reminded of memorizing the things in every MMKR poster (i.e., making a snapshot of the poster in my mind) those days…


  12. bart Avatar

    Yday there was a special program in vijay tv where the stars wished kamal on his bday. Some quotes frm superstar’s msg:
    “Most of us including me try to act in movies without straining ourselves as it is not essential for movies to run. But, Kamal makes genuine efforts for each of his movies, knowing all this.
    I am an ardent fan of Kamal. As a fan, I would like to watch kamal’s movies like “Nayagan”, “Indian”, “Devar Magan”, “Aboorva Sagotharargal” more than others.
    I sincerely look forward to “Dasavatharam” and wish it would be a hit as big as “Chandramukhi” if not bigger…”
    Thus spake Superstar…


  13. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Anti, thanks for the pointer. They did a good job of mentioning some of the good ones. obviously for someone like Kamal you can’t mention all the favorites. btw, as srihari mentioned it was MMKR.

    Tambaram, 🙂 great man less words. what say ?

    Ganesh, it is from MMKR. The angle makes you think that he is short in the pic.

    Ram, As many pointed out it from MMKR. maranthupoiteengala, like me forgetting your mail 🙂

    Zero, Thanks. rare pic.

    deepak, I saw mangamma sabatham during school days in a night show. i never registered this. will catch it the next time i get to see it.


  14. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Bart, You made me feel that I missed the program.


  15. Bala (Karthik) Avatar

    Kalayai Kaasaakkum Ikkaalathil
    Kalayai Swasikkum Engal Annan
    Ulaganayagan Kalaignani Padmashree Dr.Kamal Haasan Ayyavukku
    Bhakkthakodigal koorum pirandha naal vazhthukkal!

    Unmayaana kalaignan Virumaandi
    Saatchi solla sandhiran varuvandi!

    Nathigam pesum nallavurukku
    Naam muzhanguvom pirandhanal nalvazhthu….

    Padayeduthu miratta varum engal Marudhanayaga
    Paadhavanakkam endrum unakke engal VIRUDHU NAYAGA!

    Here’s wishing the
    par excellence Universal Hero Padmashree Dr. Kamal Haasan a very happy
    birthday. In an industry where crass is celebrated over class,
    mediocrity is hailed as entertainment, WE SAULTE THE TRUE ARTIST KAMAL SIR

    Bala (Karthik)
    Devi Paradise Unit Kamal Bhakthargal


  16. Maverick Avatar

    //You made me feel that I missed the program//

    appdinaa, this is for you – http://prabhukrish.net/2005/11/08/for-those-who-missed-it/


  17. Deepak Avatar

    Thanks for the link Maverick. But I think a similar show was shown on his birthday last year and the year before that too..:-) One thing guys. Though in quite a few occasions, rajini has talked about kamal, I have never seen Kamal praise Rajini in any tv program. Why is that?

    Lazy, neenga kandippa andha padam paathe aaganuma?

    btw, did u guys read sify’s top 5 openers link? Kamal is listed as only the 4th top opener in tamil cinema. Hope Vettayadu Vilayadu proves it wrong(When is it getting released???)



  18. kamesh Avatar

    hai sir ,
    i like your point of view but i didn’t like your method of approach.i like your interest about your learning.please teach me&accept me your student.i am also communist.i make u my guru.i have lot of stories for u.please give me achance.love&hope is godfor u &me.mind is life.


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