My city, floods !!

chennai floods
[Pic – Via Maverick]

My city is under the attack of water for the second time. Though for chennaites its a happy news, the rain seems to have hampered the day-to-day lives of the city and it’s certainly a cause of concern. For a city, full of cheer, to comeback from the rain is going to be a mammoth task.

Not to ramble again, but I do miss the chennai rain while sipping a saravanabhavan kaapi. Wish I was a vairamuthu to be able to send an ode to Chennai starting, Yeh Mazhaiye !!

5 responses to “My city, floods !!”

  1. Maverick Avatar

    Kollywood might have dropped ‘Chennaiyil oru Mazhaikaalam’. Iyarkkai brought it back !!!


  2. Sneha Avatar

    Instead of telling ‘Ahaa’ seeing the rains we are saying ‘Aakshi!Aakshi!’ and in most of the places ppl r suffering to come out of their houses to get medications also 😦


  3. Jags Avatar

    No, it is not a happy news for Chennaites though they got the much needed water already in the previous rains. The water has caused lots of inconvenience which I am enduring personally. I am sitting in my home surrounded by water for the last couple of days. Many calls to the corporation has been very courteous without any action. Still waiting for the water to be drained. I’ll post some pictures in my blog soon.


  4. kamalsuryafanclub Avatar

    a city full of cheer ?


  5. Vidya Avatar

    I think it was 1984 floods, I saw people fishing in the railway tracks in our good old Pallavaram :).. wonder what’s happening now !!.


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