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Someone named The Comic Project left a comment in this post and following the link to his project I was instantly surprised. Though what he does edges on piracy, being an avid comic fan then, now and forever, I was happy to recollect those comic days. With a comics on one hand, a kuchi ice from Dasaprakash on the other and the ‘military’ bag on my shoulders, I was lost in a different world, while reading/walking home from school.

The Comic Project scans every single page of many Indrajal Comics and publishes one story a post. So you could find Phantom, Mandrake or Bahadur uncovering a crime or spotting a criminal. If you are comic freak, you are sure to have fun.

The philosophy of The Comic Project reads this –

The objective of this project is not to pirate or steal. I grew up on these comics: Phantom, Mandrake, Bahadur: and reading them was so much fun. Yes!! Indrajal Comics!!! Although you will see a few non-indrajal titles, this blog is committed to bring you original Indrajal scans. DEDICATED TO A generation of children growing up on Harry Potter, Cartoon Network and television in general.

6 responses to “Magical Indrajal”

  1. Krithika Avatar

    Wish they’d do that to the backnumbers of MAD magazine. They are hard to come by. 😦


  2. iyengarkatz Avatar


    one of your better posts. tis been a long time since ive read mandrake and phantom.



  3. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Kirthika, If you are member of Eloor lending library in t.Nagar, you can check out there. They should be having them, though I’m not sure.

    Katz, Thanks for those words. BTW, I love Rip Kirby. Somehow the name was so attractive to me and I enjoy him.


  4. mutRupuLLi Avatar

    Agree with you LG.
    Indrajaal comics, Tinkle and Amar Chitra Katha formed my staple comic diet back in school. I still read the few precious copies that i have when possible. I just loved them and the names as you mention (Bahadur,Luther, Mandrake, Hero ,Devil and others…)they were just WOW.


  5. S Vijay Avatar
    S Vijay

    Hey lazy

    This is really it. How we cousins had to fight amongst ourselves to be the first to read the latest Indrajal. I was so peeved when my paati asked my Pa to put a stop to it with the vain hope that I will grow out of my infantile years and start scoring in double digits in my exams. What wasted chances!! One thing for sure… we had a lot of comics in those days Tinkle, Amar Chitra Katha (both from the same group), Target, Chandamama, Mooshik. However Indrajal was always special. Though the latter day protagonists like Garth, Kerry Drake, Buzz Sawyer were strictly passe, Indrajal still was tops. Even then, my first ever crush ever was on Mme Mesmer from a Kerry Drake comic and I can never ever forget her. Thanks for the link.


  6. srimathy Avatar

    Really does bring back childhood memories …thank you for the link..!


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