Pop it up !! Pop it up !!

The annoying pop-ups in the recent days was due to the statscounter @ webstats4u. From the day, it was plugged here back in 2002, it has clocked 7,21,624 visits until today.

Those days[I’m talking like an oldie here], webstats4u was the only stat counter around just like the yaacs commenting system. Surprisingly Kiruba still hasn’t switched from Yaacs to Blogger’s commenting system. With hardly a bunch of bloggers in Feb 2002, who knew each other well, if one subscribed to a service, the other followed him/her and thats how I subscribed to the nedstatbasic’s stats counter which was recently re-named as webstats4u.

Though the hosters are providing with awstats, this webstats was providing a lot of information, I would like to see from time to time. I’m sorry to see it de-commissioned but then the pop-ups are annoying any time.

One response to “Pop it up !! Pop it up !!”

  1. Hi LG,
    Couldn’t help but notice that, not only do we subscribe to something becoz someone we know subscribed to it, we are not far behind if someone unsubscribes/stops using it.

    I am annoyed with the popups that webstats4u’s script spawns and am considering removing the code.

    7,21,624+ visits, that’s great.My sites stats are not that impressive, let me just say that it is 7,21,624- (a big number).