Hindu on Deepavali Malar

[Image – Hindu]

Hindu writes on Tamil magazine’s deepavali special issues. While the mention nearly all the good ones like Amuthasurabhi, Manjari and Kalai Magal, they missed out on Ananda Vikatan’s special issue. AV’s special issue is supposed to be a highlight of deepavali, those days and after 35 years, they are back again for the last 3 years. Is this what you call Selective Amnesia ?

Anyway, my copy of AV’s deepavali special issue is currently in British Airways flight and I’m waiting to get my hands on it.

7 responses to “Hindu on Deepavali Malar”

  1. This year’s AV diwali issue is not as last year’s. Content and quality is low. Except Sujatha’s story, it will take 30 minutes for the whole book.


  2. Ananda vikatan now sucks..

    it has degraded itself to a 3rd rated Yellow Page Books, by stuffing itself with Cinema (except couple of pages)…

    discussing abt reason for Namitas blah blah blah, and other stuffs.. its trying to compete Kumudam …


  3. Yeah,AV’s quality is kind of reducing.Trying to get commercial,i guess.
    But,Yathirikan,i think AV has not yet gone to the levels of treating Kumudham as it’s competitor.
    Its like saying Kamal’s trying to compete with SJ Surya!(Sorry KH fans,i know thats more than an insult).
    As long as ppl like Sujatha,Vairamuthu,Vaali,SRK and Madhan are around,AV would survive the so called ‘cine-baptism’.