Recieved a FEDEXed parcel. Had

Recieved a FEDEXed parcel. Had asked my folks to send across one of my favorite T-Shirt which I had forgot to carry. Along with a pack of jav-arisi vadaams, Ashokamithran’s Katuraigal Part 1 and 2, I also got this purple tee-shirt. It had a fresh smell. A familiar Indian washing powder smell. Reminded me of my home at Chennai and I’m still wondering what a little smell can do to your mood swings.

One response to “Recieved a FEDEXed parcel. Had”

  1. Karthigeyan Avatar

    yes indeed…i felt it this march when i got stuff my place as well for my bday…athuoru alagiya Kanaa Kaalam