The Hunt gets rolling

Vettayadu Vilayadu
[On the Sets of VV. Image – Vikatan]

Gautam Menon‘s interview to Vikatan clears off the rumor cloud surrounding Vettayadu Vilayadu. With the movie getting stuck on producer Khaja Mohideen’s attempted suicide, it is now afresh with Oscar Ravichandran taking over the movie production.

While waiting for the U.S visas, Gautam Menon says he has completed a schedule of shoot in India. He also upsets me by saying Vettayadu Vilayadu is just another face of Kakkha Kakkha in Kamal’s way. While I expected him to make a Kamal movie considering Kamal’s age, I certainly didn’t want another cop film to be churned out. Makes me wonder why my beliefs on Kodambakkam are a tad high than the reality. Though we could rest assured that the movie could be slick in cinematography and editing, I would have expected a non-cop film and for sure a non-Kakkha Kakkha type flick.

He also reveals that his next flick would be an Arya-Jyothika starrer. He seems to like Jyothika as an actress and that’s a consolation for me. Finally he speaks out the truth. SJ Surya might even stage a darna for that. While replying to a question on Ah Aha, he concludes, if only SJ Surya wouldn’t have acted in the movie, it could have been a hit like Kushi. We agree Gautam !! We agree a ton with you.

8 responses to “The Hunt gets rolling”

  1. Breaking News Balaraman Avatar
    Breaking News Balaraman

    Am I the only to notice the similarities between S.J.Surya’s and Mick Jagger’s face ?




  2. thennavan Avatar

    Guru, I hate to nitpick but can you remove the “be” before “rest assured”? Thanks 🙂


  3. Karthik Avatar

    reg, sj surya… ha ha! i have the following pieces of advice to him:

    1) Remove that ugly piece of jewellery. (reminds me of that shankar-ganesh musician of similar style)
    2) Button your shirt
    3) When you’ve got SOME talent, don’t waste it away by aping MGR/Rajini…
    4) Please don’t say “Because, I love you” again.
    5) Finally, please don’t act in movies again.(comedy roles, may be)


  4. F e r r a r i Avatar


    I want to see Kamal as a cop. But just like you, I dont want to see Kamal like what surya did in Kaakha Kaakha. Cant Kamal be a middle aged cop like how Nana Patekar was in Ab Tak chappan or even older?
    Dont we have directors who can take that type of subjects? I want to see Kamal in middle aged roles. Cha! Wont anyone cast him in such roles ? 😦
    In that way Amitabh is having a wonderful time. He is getting to act in movies like Khakhi, BLACK etc. Wont Kamal get such a role?

    Will he become another sivaji? Act as young hero till audience agree. And then be a supporting actor in father roles? 😦


  5. Lazy Geek Avatar

    BNB , You are right but I have to say this isn’t a breaking news certainly. Many had noted this before.

    Thennavan, I don’t see how. I don’t think it might make a sentence then.

    Karthik, Alongwith the numerous advices for surya, join these also. He is probably the only man recieving so many advices in tamil nadu currently.


  6. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Mukund, Thanks for the explanation. I changed it to rest assured and not ‘be rest assured’.


  7. thennavan Avatar

    Thanks Guru (yaen inge sonneer aiyaa (“yaen palli kondeer aiyaa sriranganaathare” maadhiri :-)); sonnadhaal ungal perundhanmaiyai kaattugiradhu) 🙂


  8. Bala (Karthik) Avatar

    Kamal DOES play his age in Vettayaadu Vilayaadu. The movie might not get released in December as expected and it might be a Pongal veliyidu.

    “Vettayaadu Vilayaadu
    Edhirthavan yaarum kidayaadhu!”


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