Megam Kottatum, Aatam Undu !!

It’s ranining cats and dogs in Seattle. It seems it was the same in Bangalore too. While I was driving with Rahman‘s fantastical Kuchi Kuchi Rakamma, the Bangalorevaasis were enjoying like Mani Ratnam’s heroines. They got drenched and were still ready for a music mazhai. The A R Rahman Concert happened in Bangalore and I envy those who attended it.

Writes Hindu

It was six, an hour before the much-awaited A.R. Rahman concert by India Classic Arts. The skies opened up and truly, like the adage, it never rains, it pours and there was a downpour. The props on the stage gave way and the 3D gadget conked out, but the 25,000-odd crowd would not move. Every two minutes, young and old, screamed: “We want Rahman.” Rahman made a two-second dramatic appearance with a huge umbrella and announced: “These showers are godsend. Give me one hour and I promise you, it will be the best performance so far.” And when the performance did begin at 9 p.m., there was much ecstasy, on stage and off stage.

Writes Deccan Herald

In sober white, and sans the customary long locks, Rahman opened with Yuva’s groovy discotheque track Fanaa.

Prabhu has a detailed post where he writes –

When he started the last song for the day ‘Vandhe Matharam’ we all were standing on the chair. And it poured. It poured extremely heavily. One particular moment, when he sang ‘Vande Mataram’ the rain at that particular moment was the highest all day. Not just me. Many of us felt the same. This time there were really tears in my eyes. The rain and rahmans music washed away the layers of dust that had grown around my heart and made me cry.

It’s still raining here this morning and I’m hoping if the rain would bring along the same music spirit which Bangaloreans enjoyed yesterday !!

6 responses to “Megam Kottatum, Aatam Undu !!”

  1. F e r r a r i Avatar

    Thanks for the mention Guru 🙂


  2. Neil Padayatty Avatar

    Well, I too missed it! ARR concerts always happen when I’ve no means of getting there!


  3. Gp Avatar

    Megamai vanthe ponathu….

    When oh when will he come back to Malaysia…


  4. prasanna Avatar

    hello all,

    my first “write” on lazygeek…have been on “read only” mode for almost three months now..

    first thing after the ARR show in b’lore, thought of sharing it with all of you here …

    Fanaa, the opening number by ARR caught me by suprise !….ARR always used to sing “dil se re” himself, then moved on to “vellai pookal” for the unity of light concerts..and now “fanaa”..what a pleasent surprise it was..

    chorus impressed (always true in a rahman concert) with Chinamma Chilakamma….and how they used to swap between tamil & hindi lyrics each time the lead singer swapped..which was mostly at their will…

    sukhwinder & shankar mahadevan’s energies were on show..they seem to repeat the same stuff on every show (I last heard sukhwinder doing his humming thing after chaiyya chaiyya in unity of light NY show – 2003)

    chitra did a solitary number…she is too good to be wasted with just a single one (kannalane..with kannada lyrics..written for this show by P B Srinivas as mentioned by ARR)

    I would have loved to see sonu nigam perform (he was the most impressive in the unity of light concert with rang de basanti & saathiya title songs)

    choice of songs was not all that popular — though i enjoyed it very much..pagdi sambhal jatta & mehndi hai rachne wali didn’t get the applause they deserved

    Pray for me brother (TB Anthem) was a class act..pick of the evening for me (along with fanaa ofcourse)..LYRICS BY ARR & BLAZEE..

    catcalls thru out the show for dil se re – which never happened

    lot of tamil songs – which i expected and thoroughly enjoyed..

    anbe aruyire would have rocked the place if played…how i longed for it !

    got a glimpse of WATER…though I have heard the songs already..aayo re by sukhwinder & sadhana sargam (who seemed out of sorts..mistimed one of her previous songs with hariharan)

    last time in NY, I was on a VVIP seat in 4th row…this time i got the 3000rs tkt..but finally ended up in the 4th row..:))…not as crowded as expected..and some left coz of mazhai thuligal.. did, for 2 hrs before and after the show..and the only common thing in the post and my comments…:)….made me hum this line …
    “mazhai kavidhai kondu varudhu yaarum kadhavadaika vendam, oru karuppu kodi kaati yaarum kudai pidikka vendam, idhu dhevadhayin parisu yaarum thirumbikolla vendam, nedunsalayile nanaya oruvar sammadhamum vendam..”..i can go on and on….(apologies to non-tamil readers for this bit)

    a memorable night in all…singing in the rain..chinna chinna mazhai thuligal..


  5. TamilPonnu Avatar

    Oh man!!!I can’t wait for him to come to my town!!! I went to his last concert in VA- FREAKIN’ AWESOME!! CAN’T WAIT!!!


  6. Kayal Avatar

    I went to the Rahman concert in Bay area a couple of years ago. Flew there actually.

    The concert was nice, have to admit it.. But somehow it lacked the spirit, the sheer energy and enthusiasm that I see in concerts in India. Reading Prabhu’s blog left me feeling so wretchedly nostalgic and homesick.

    Lazy, the concerts in US don’t seem to have been scheduled yet. Are you going to be keeping an eye on it? I wonder if there will be one somewhere on the west coast???


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