Poda Un Moonjila En Kaiya Veikka

bollywood dreams
[Image – Google Video and Photographic Channel]

No, I’m not blowing my anger here for the hack attempt. Its the name of a tamil movie trailer.

Google Video is already up and googling through it yesterday, when my blog was under siege, I discovered a bunch of Tamil videos uploaded there. From Ah Aha TV trailer to a full song from a recent tamil movie February 14 to UNICEF’s report on Tsunami. I’ve now idea how Google is going to tackle the rights issues of these videos. Most film videos seem to be submitted by individuals and the producing corporations are going to be tad angry on these video releases.

This movie trailer, Poda Un Moonjila En Kaiya Veikka is supposed to be a parody on tamil films. Though it seems like a bunch of college dudes doing some funny-like-stuff on tamil movies, its been mixed and titled so well that it can be called as a parody itself. However amateur it seems, we are going to witness such home videos and amateurish small movies on video offerings the online world offers. As Mani Ratnam quoted in a recent interview, Filmmaking will become a lot more personal. It will become like writing. Anybody will be able to make a film. There are not only Kollywood parodies, Bollywood is no exception. Dont Stop Till You Get To Bollywood is a music video like parody on bollywood dance sequences.

I did bump on finally something gripping and more serious attempt in Google Video. Jonathan Torgovnik’s Bollywood Dreams attempts to document Indian Film Industry as a bunch of picture postcards. The image above is from Bollywood Dreams short film and it somehow went so well with the title of the post.

This short documentary runs a little more than 5 mins and has been produced by the Photographic Channel. It is one man’s observation on the Indian Film industry. Jonathan has travelled around India to capture photographs about India cinema both in the sets and in theatres. He is particularly amazed about the cinema posters. He says South India sports the cut-out culture and he is so fascinated by them. To add why I loved this documentary is that it captures on my interests, the cinema posters. I’ve clicked tons of pictures on posters, cutouts, banners, DVD covers and whatever assosiated with cinema advertisement. Some of them are also on the photoblog. Coming back, the documetary also briefly touches upon the touring talkies and the economics of a touring talkies. Good one. Don’t miss it and keep Googlling for videos.

10 responses to “Poda Un Moonjila En Kaiya Veikka”

  1. F e r r a r i Avatar

    Evlo periya Udhadu (Panchathanthiram devayanai style il padikkavum) 🙂


  2. Sivs Avatar

    Welcome back uncrowned king of tamil cinema reviews. So you dont get to watch many tamil films in seattle ? I dont see updates on Aa Aaaa and gajini at all. Keep ’em coming dude!


  3. Kishore Avatar

    Just like the initial uproar on sniffing mails to inserts ads when gmail was launched, I think even if there is an uproar about videos it wouldnt amount to much.. and moreover, I dont think people at google would have overlooked copyright issues.. so if its on google its there for the taking..

    Just wondering.. just like the brand called “Walkman” became the name of that very product.. there will be a day when “googling” will become a synonym for “searching”…


  4. andy Avatar

    Till u mentioned it i dint realise the picture on top was from Bombay dreams at all.. thought it went so well with “un moonjila kaiya vekka” .. 🙂


  5. hari Avatar

    thanks for the photographic channel link


  6. Breaking News Balaraman Avatar
    Breaking News Balaraman

    My sevudaa ponna ears are just limping back to Normal after watching Gajini @MayaJaal.
    * The background music is horrible – Why is it that Music Directors, even good ones like HJ, seem to produce their best only when the director is also good ? The extremely loud bg music is very jarring, esp with sound system in the hands of the guy who seems to be the cousin of the sound operator at Satyam ;-). Even the songs that sound good are jarring in the theatre.
    * Whatever happened to villains who can actually speak in Tamil ? or act for that matter ?They seem to be going the way of actresses. Double villain combo + Villain himself – not very convincing.
    * I heard a couple of college students discussing the level of Violence in the movie and wondering if it had a ‘A’ rating for violence. It’s pretty violent in places.
    * First half is pretty is a bit of drag and the college crowd had a field day finishing the lines ahead of the actors, with their wise cracks etc. Very loose and noticeably sags, esp with the dumb story line about Asin not knowing who Sanjay Ramasamy is. During the interval that all the college students were cracking short-term-memory loss jokes.
    * Good bubbly performace from Asin – I just saw Ullam Ketkume two days back. The difference from her first movie is obvious, especially the amount of work that has gone into re-doing her face 😀
    * Surya despite attempts by Murugadoss to screw him, turns in a good performance – After Ayidha Ezhuthu, Madan (cartoonist + madan’s thirai paarvai) said that Surya can never over act again. I am surprised by how well he underplays his role and with good effect. Poor guy just needs a good break.
    * I haven’t seen Memento. Not sure how much was copied/inspired. Murugadoss tries to go back and forth with flashbacks – but it is not very cogently done as in AE. Looseness – that’s what I would say characterises the whole effort. Take the songs for instance – most of them just start off when you are not expecting them. It’s very obvious that the director decided there would be n songs in this movie – nothing wrong with that, except that he doesn’t know how to do it. Pathetic editing as well. Pathetic and amateurish usage of Graphics in some of the fight sequences.

    Verdict: Murugadoss – You spent eight crores on this ?

    Note to Tamil Film Industry: Don’t blame thiruttu VCDs for all your problems. You guys are “the” problem.

    Best watched at home where you have more control over the sound.


  7. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Thanks Balaraman for the quick review. Got the matter.


  8. sridhar Avatar

    lol – funniest title for a blog post yet.


  9. Santosh Prabakar Avatar
    Santosh Prabakar

    balaraman, you are the worst critic i have ever came across

    your ideas and comments are simply too stupid to be accepted…..i watched the movie and it was top notch for any TAMIL film!!!

    come on, i bet no tamil movies would be able satify your stupid attitude that will never let tamil cinema grow

    DUDE, go and get a life!!!!


  10. ravi Avatar

    Hey dho paruda Tamil cinemava pathy sonna kovam varudhu.

    Gajini was made for stupid tamilians, look at the climax nonsense


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