Ghajini – A Breaking News Review

Update – Usually an update is done at the end of a post. This is to show that I do budge for the dynamic comments that are springing-up on this post and those 3 long-time friends who wrote emails about this blog post.

One – I am not sure after seeing the movie, if I will agree/dis-agree with this ‘comment-turned-review’. I could be wrong enough to put the review but wasn’t it rightly named as Breaking news quick review and not a Roeper-Ebert’s Analyzed review.
Two – It’s pasted here as a review not because I don’t like the movie. I was probably the first on the blogosphere to show love(!!) on Ghajini, when the movie was announced and my adoration towards Murugadoss’ skills. Read this blogpost dated Feb 12, 2005, Surya and Murugadas join hands for Gajini. BTW, where is this breaking news dude, a lot of them are searching for him desperately. Deivamey(!!) enga poiteenga ??

Alert If you really want to read the quick review after all this hungama, click the link below. Else join the fun by reading only the comments here.

Breaking News Balaraman has a quick review of Gajini on the comments section. Thought it would be worth pasting here.

My sevudaa ponna ears are just limping back to Normal after watching Gajini @MayaJaal.

* The background music is horrible – Why is it that Music Directors, even good ones like HJ, seem to produce their best only when the director is also good ? The extremely loud bg music is very jarring, esp with sound system in the hands of the guy who seems to be the cousin of the sound operator at Satyam ;-). Even the songs that sound good are jarring in the theatre.

* Whatever happened to villains who can actually speak in Tamil ? or act for that matter ?They seem to be going the way of actresses. Double villain combo + Villain himself – not very convincing.

* I heard a couple of college students discussing the level of Violence in the movie and wondering if it had a ‘A’ rating for violence. It’s pretty violent in places.

* First half is pretty is a bit of drag and the college crowd had a field day finishing the lines ahead of the actors, with their wise cracks etc. Very loose and noticeably sags, esp with the dumb story line about Asin not knowing who Sanjay Ramasamy is. During the interval that all the college students were cracking short-term-memory loss jokes.

* Good bubbly performace from Asin – I just saw Ullam Ketkume two days back. The difference from her first movie is obvious, especially the amount of work that has gone into re-doing her face 😀

* Surya despite attempts by Murugadoss to screw him, turns in a good performance – After Ayidha Ezhuthu, Madan (cartoonist + madan’s thirai paarvai) said that Surya can never over act again. I am surprised by how well he underplays his role and with good effect. Poor guy just needs a good break.

* I haven’t seen Memento. Not sure how much was copied/inspired. Murugadoss tries to go back and forth with flashbacks – but it is not very cogently done as in AE. Looseness – that’s what I would say characterises the whole effort. Take the songs for instance – most of them just start off when you are not expecting them. It’s very obvious that the director decided there would be n songs in this movie – nothing wrong with that, except that he doesn’t know how to do it. Pathetic editing as well. Pathetic and amateurish usage of Graphics in some of the fight sequences.

Verdict: Murugadoss – You spent eight crores on this ?

Note to Tamil Film Industry: Don’t blame thiruttu VCDs for all your problems. You guys are “the” problem.

Best watched at home where you have more control over the sound.

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  1. sensiblystoned Avatar

    One of my recent grouse with Tamil/Indian cinema is that they dont pay as much attention to BG music as they do to songs. The effectiveness of a good BG score is evident in movies like LOTR,Gangs of New York, Last of the Mohicans (I can go on about it). I have had a lingering doubt in my mind that composers like HJ,ARR,Mottai who do songs dont do the BG score themselves and it is given to their assistants. Im afraid I have no proof for this matter but its just a doubt that Ive had for a long time.

    Another personal observation: I had my doubt from the moment I heard that Gajini was going to be loosely based on Memento. Memento is a complex story, where the screenplay proceeds from last scene to the first ie in the reverse order. I was sure Murugadass could never dream about even remaking such a complicated script. Im sure it had to be tailormade to audiences in Chennai and therein Murugadass would have lost the plot in doing so. I havent seen Gajini but I would think if the director kept the movie as a simple story based on vendetta by solving the puzzles that he has tattooed on his body (the solving part of it can be done as flashbacks). But if he did more than that by trying to ape Memento, then he has no brains and lost a good story loaded with tons of potential (even if its a remake)


  2. Sriram Avatar

    Nice to see things are back in order.. I figured you would have had atleast a thousand mails saying your blog was down for some reason and hence didn’t bother troubling you :).. welcome back (from the forced vacation)


  3. Keerthivasan Avatar

    Dreamstores has another review on it. Balaraman’s complaint list(aka quick review) is something i will keep in mind when i watch it tomorrow…


  4. Sureshkumar Avatar

    the movie isn’t that bad. I really enjoyed watching the movie. It is definitely far far better than most of the recently released duds. I liked Surya and Asin very much in the movie.
    I too have written a revu in my blog


  5. Gp Avatar

    Honestly, this is one..hmmm…honest review of a movie. i’ll watch it tommorow…ocourse after reading this I wanna get the vcd or dload it…but promised to a friend…oh surya…if u ever turn to be a superstar…its because geeks like us…geeks like us…geeks…like us…uh where am I!?


  6. Somu Avatar

    Seems like the reviewer decided to give such a review much before its release. SHall either wait for your review or shall watch it myself to know how it is !!!

    Maybe this link can help anyone who wants to vent his spleen about a movie…


  7. navin doshi Avatar
    navin doshi

    i second your thought somu!
    Ghajini, i swear, is undeniably the BEST movie have seen this year….

    wow!! surya was simply awesome!!!


  8. Somu Avatar


    We all know that your reviews are one reason why certain folks keep coming over to your blog… and finding someone’s immediate reaction to the most expected movie of the year after CM and Anniyan was quite surprising.

    And having said “it’s only worth pasting it here” are you not yourself conveying the idea that Gajini could be a pathetic movie without even watching it ?

    Anyways, it’s your blog… And I come here to read everytime there is a post. So, I shall stop at that.

    Btw, if I were the first one to throw expletives at 10avatharam or Sivaji as my review to the movies, would it find a place in your blog ?


  9. karthikeyan Avatar

    de breaking news balarama,
    the bgm is pathetic. ok i agree. but your review is even more pathetic. the movie is a great one compared to other commercial movies in tamil esp the stupid movies of vijay and co.. this is the best tamil movie of the year so far. asin, surya, riyaz, the villain all are very good. especially asin and surya. the editing abd camera are great. nayantara is looking like what many call a “they”.

    for others reading this comment,
    BNB lost his memory about ghajini. this is a well made movie than anniyan. if anniyan is worth 26.38 crores , then the producer can spend 50 crores for ghajini.

    please get some treatment for your mental disorder. yes, you are a fool.


  10. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Somu, By ‘Worth Pasting here’, I don’t mean to say it buy the review. It was a quick review of some dude who saw the movie last night at Mayajaal. And I felt there was unbiasedness in the review. BTW, BNB did not write just nonsense aboout the movie. He has tried to say why he disliked parts of the movie.

    Neither can I approve it nor I can disapprove of it. But on your request, if your review has a point and not just filled with expletives, I will put it up here. Deal !!


  11. Navin doshi Avatar
    Navin doshi

    Guru, we have been reading your blog for some time, and its very good…but its kinda sad for us to accept that you are now placing the truth on some dude who doesn t even know how to appreciaTE SUCH A GOOD MOVIE(THOUGH IT not THE BEST,BUT ITS VERY GOOD COMPARED TO ALL THE MOVIES RELEASES SO FAR in this year!!) at least that dude should appreacite the director’s great effort to Indianise the memento concept flick,and surya’s brilliant effort plus the technical wizardly….come on,does his statement by saying a.r murugadoss a lousy director clearly show you that his review was kinda unbalanced?? Well,for your info,murugadoss is the same guy who made youths like me to love a film which people like captain acted,Ramana, and kept us going as repeat audience?…Don t you think such guy have a great potential to reverse the curent tamil movie trend??

    dude,just listen there are two type of moviegoers
    the first one are the masses who simply base their opinion without concrete proofs

    the second,the same category like you,sudhish and to name few other, are the ones who seriously analyze the efforts placed and to provide us with a balanced review….Thus,it s fundamentally important to realize…The next time,Please don t confuse us with such post

    Thank you,
    Navin Doshi ( Infosys,Bangalare)


  12. Yogi Avatar

    Way to go!
    True to the name, Mr.lazy pastes other’s review (or comment?) and allows other’s ugly counterarguments stay there.

    What’s next? Leasing the blog to others for posting their own non-sense?


  13. sean manickan Avatar
    sean manickan

    yogi,get a life, you can t write like mr lazy to keep us workaholics informed,so, the best you can do is to keep your childish reckoning to y0urself!!!


  14. Krishna Avatar

    This review is completely out of phase with the one I just read at Indiaglitz (Guess there is no copyright issue here)

    For People who changed their minds not to watch the movie after reading about the negatives of the movie, the above review in Indiaglitz is enough motivation to watch it.:).


  15. anon Avatar

    Look folks, if you liked the movie and someone else didnt….whats your problem…..lazy has written that he felt it was a fair review…and he pastes it here for the benefit of others …. if you have a different opinion , say it…but dont call the other guy a fool and what not….

    Learn to first understand and then be understood!

    Lazy is not pasting this is as a sub for his review…when he sees it he will write abt it….whats ur problem if he pastes the first review that comes from one of the visitors of the blog?

    It is this attitude of “if you are not with me, you are wrong” that is more stupid.

    Oooh, i loved the movie….you didnt? oh! then u r a fool, u dont know to appreciate a movie…blah blah….and u guys call urself intelligent??


  16. Yogi Avatar

    Haha…If you read this blog to get *informed*, then you seriously lack something. May be you wanna take a look at your life, before offering advice to others!


  17. Nickesh bharat Avatar
    Nickesh bharat

    Oooh, i loved the movie….you didnt? oh! then u r a fool, u dont know to appreciate a movie…blah blah….and u guys call urself intelligent??—->ahhh,childish piece of thing

    let me ask you ask question,don t you understand the term “open” concept!! well,the way both of you put your words somewhat reminds me of the Kushboo’s allegation..i think you both belong to the same group of people who launched attack without realizing the freedom of speech

    go and read some self improvements dudes


  18. Somu Avatar

    Unbiased? No nonsense?

    ** Asin not knowing Sanjay Ramasamy being a billionaire… What does it have to do with the storyline ? Has it not something to do with the screenplay ?

    ** Pathetic editing? Do we understand at all what editing is ? Where is the substantiation? Does it not seem like just a loose comment?

    ** If a director of two blockbustors (and that too with actors who seem to be wanting desperate hits) is spending 8 crores, does he not know what he is doing?.

    ** Cogently done AE and looseness in Gajini – Are we not comparing apples and oranges?

    The review, as you call it, has personal bias, emotions and lack of knowledge written all over it. I wouldn’t have made a point had it been put in elsewhere. I am so much against it coz it just does not carry any merit to be placed in the most widely read blog of the country.

    Honestly Lazy, if you look at what makes people go to the theatres, it is these movies like CM, and Anniyan, If I am resisting watching these movies on TVCD, it’s primarily because of their quality and the entertainment value they bring in for the money I spend. Considering ARM’s background and the effort that has gone behind this potential blockbuster, it definitely warrants a visit to the theatre.


  19. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Navin, Thanks for your lengthy comment. I have an update now on the blogpost. Do check it out and let me know your views.


  20. Vidya Avatar

    Sutham … was eager to see this movie .. (ob Suryakku jollu), read Lazy’s review, rather the link to the review and totally lost interest. Happened to read India Glitz’s review and thought maybe it was worth the try .. now I wonder why I ever wanted to read the comments here … ipoo “confusion confirmed”. I just want to watch a good well made movie . .. mudiyumaa ???

    Note: I did agree with Lazy on his review for Anniyan. Too much hype .. sodhapal screenplay for a crappy kadhai. Shankar was disappointing.


  21. Cipher Avatar

    Looks like a media controversy season.Whatever one say/publish ppl are ready to bounce on them..Thangar,Ganguly,Kushboo & now Lazy 😉 All the best LG…hope no one is infront of ur house 😦


  22. karthik Avatar

    Funny how people complain abt govt policing what others should do like clothes and habits and then complain abt what others put up on their blog!


  23. Kavya Avatar

    I saw Gajini today in Michigan…

    Surya is the smartest tamil hero….Asin is beautiful..Nayan semma gundu aita

    Padam Ok I dint like the movie much..I felt they dragged the film


  24. Breaking News Balaraman Avatar
    Breaking News Balaraman

    Hey LazyGeek,
    Sorry,If I caused a stir on your blog. I went out of town soon after posting my review. Thanks for posting my review. I am thinking of starting my own blog instead of screwing up other people’s blogs ;-).

    Recently I was reading an article in “The Hindu” about the Ganguly-Chappell *.*. A section from the article struck me.
    “Was this foreigner interloper not aware that when an Indian captain arrives for an “honest” chat about himself, the last thing he wants is a frank opinion? Was Chappell just guilty of poor timing or worse ignorant about our custom that demanded he stroke the captain’s ego and the team could happily return to playing insipid cricket?”
    From a column in “The Hindu” entitled “What’s the culture of Indian cricket?” by Rohit Brijnath

    I think that pretty much sums up our attitude to any kind of criticism.



  25. siva Avatar

    i watched it & personally think that the movie is so screwed up.. y do i say so?? if u wanna know the reason, kindly pls watch MEMENTO.. u’ll know why..


  26. Innocent Blood Avatar
    Innocent Blood

    saw this last night on VCD – original, not pirated 😉

    i think that this is another one of Surya’s memorables roles. i had a feeling at certain parts he was trying to channel his ‘Nandha’ character with his body language and intense stare.

    Asin is a babe.

    Nayantara is just fat. the nose-ring doesn’t really do it for her.

    screenplay/ direction – pretty good IF you completely had NO idea that this movie is heavily inspired by Memento. do yourself a favour and go watch this movie if you have not seen it. it’s truly an original movie that’s deserving of all the praise that it has recieved. the tamil ‘remake’ or ‘reimagination’ is considerably hampered by the Nayantara character, the stupid villains and Asin’s character. when you watch Memento you’d be amazed by how much can be told with so little… but since this is a Tamil movie, we need to have at least 2 babes to glam up the screen i suppose :p

    by the way, there’s a promo still of Surya in stylish gear brandishing a gun that’s on this site – this does not appear in the movie…


  27. Anand Avatar

    I watched this movie last night and it was fairly entertaining. It has its share of flaws – quite a few plotholes, music was disappointing, direction was sometimes over-indulgent – but it was still entertaining. Performances were good, Suriya especially coming up with a sincere effort. Asin was surprisingly good as well. But I have no clue why they chose Pradeep Rawat to be the villain – and why they needed a double role for him. The director AR Murugadoss has just taken the basic storyline from Memento and incorporated it into this film. Otherwise, this movie is very different from Memento. That was a psychological thriller, this is more of an action thriller. For comparison sake, this movie comes nowhere close to Memento, that was a masterpiece in its own right.


  28. Nesh Avatar

    Jus watched the movie…i would say its a great movie…Surya can act well…and asin can act well too…cute…not bad…Jus try to apprecitate…the only reason i visit this to see how people like to complain and complain about every good movie that comes out…haha…stay cool…ghajini is a good movie…everyone should watch it…


  29. tamilan Avatar

    hello stop banging about the movies. Producers spending a lot of money to produce a movie. Director,actors and other technician work hard to produce a good movie. People like you always have the big mouth. Stupid people. Either you watch any tamil movie or dont. Dont give your stupid view and commnents


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