Peek into Rahman’s desk

[Image – Sound Wizard]

These guys at Sound Wizard are professional designers of acoustic systems and architectural acoustics. Their clients list boasts of a super superstar.

A R Rahman’s music recording studio was designed and erected by these guys. It’s been something that many of us enjoy to peek into. The pictures and tech details about the studio will do the rest of talking. Thanks to RadhaKrish for the pointer.

8 responses to “Peek into Rahman’s desk”

  1. I guess gone are the days when music directors sat with just their harmonium in front of them and came up with unbelievable tunes.

    Couldn’t help but remember T.Rajendar talking in a recent TV interview about how he needs just his mouth and no fancy machines to come up with all kinds of sounds;)


  2. Dreamweaver, However the come up with a tune, they still need atleast a low-tech studio to orchestrate it and do mixing. But yeah, I understand your concern. time !!


  3. Who needs this hi tech stuff? there is no interesting things general publicwants to know, about the inner functioning of a sound studio,

    all we need is music.

    today the way rehmaan and other music directors function seem to be more corporate way, they say i work on 5 ‘projects’ !! without computer i think the cant even put a small tune.

    seems rehman is india’s best sound engineer but illayaraja is india’s best composersound scientist

    tunes are illayaraja’s peons!


  4. Silicon S, Your last sentence was bang on. Accept it. I’m personally a IR and a ARR fan. You would have notived it yourself. Still everytime I hear great piece of Rahman music, I’ve earned for a quick look into that man’s world. Was happy that I got it through these pictures.


  5. I wanted to share this thought in my blog, but first lemme discuss this with you.
    Why has Illayaraja not been recognized as well as AR? Why so much of adulation/spotlight on AR and not on Illayarajah.
    Any question of whoz a bigger talent wud a drain, for, both of them are genius in their own way.