H1Bees on Washington Post

[Pic – Preston Keres — The Washington Post Photo]

Srikanth’s music album H1Bees which is releasing today has Washington Post coverage.

“H1Bees,” an album recorded in a Gaithersburg basement-turned-studio, will be released today, its music a mix of Indian and Western beats with lyrics exploring the high-tech immigrant’s experience in the United States. The troupe remains unnamed, giving composer Srikanth Devarajan top billing and referring to the remaining artists as “playback singers,” which is customary on many Indian albums.

And the lyrics go as an everyday desi talk-

“Standing in line, papers in my hand,
All my answers, practiced and planned,
He asked, would ya ever come back home?
(Incredulous laughter)
Yes sir, I will, but first give me that H-1B!”

Way to go Srikanth & team !!

3 responses to “H1Bees on Washington Post”

  1. Hey Lazy Geek —

    I read your blog regularly and love your reviews of Tamil movies. Thanks for featuring H1Bees on your blog! 🙂

    Swathi Raman


  2. Ada, adhukulle blog panniteyae..ippa dhan yaaro e-mail annupi padikeren, on the side banner il perungayam. Nothing escapes you man…any of them known to you? I am wondering the other guy from Washington who blogs too..thenavan or something..
    Anyways, kudos to you for being so on top of things while I go back to finish the reading of it. Also, you have gotten me so hooked on to Google news and I am always surfing Google blogs and other related sites now…no time to watch TV..how do you manage to watch movies?

    BTW, did I miss your ipod nano post or did you not bother with it..yes, yes, I am too out of loop with the cinema stuff, but like reading the techy bits