Gen_X Agni Natchathiram!!

agni natchathiram
[Pic – N Vivek of Vikatan]

Simbu and Dhanush/Aishwarya on Prashanth’s marriage. I hear you saying, ‘ mamey !! build-up kudukatha‘. I agree but its certainly an interesting snap. Vikatan has a story on the unexpected meeting.

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  1. nitin, simbhu is no more dabba actor… read review of TJ on my blog…. (yeaaaaahh !! woooohaaa !! review ezhudhitteeeeen!!!!)..

    lazy thalaiva… konjam namma pakkam vandhuttu poradhu !!!


  2. Btw, if he was, then it makes it all the more interesting I guess. What did she see in Dhanush???? *scratching head*. Personality i guess. SIGH. What does the vikatan article have to say guru?(it’s only available for subscribers) 😦


  3. I heard in the radio that Danush didn’t smile at Simbu. Obviously wrong info judging from this photo. Very interesting picture with many meanings.


  4. //I heard in the radio that Danush didn’t smile at Simbu//

    I guess that Aa.Vi article said neither Dhanush nor Aishwarya respond to Simbhu’s ‘Hi’. Aish thalaya kuninchittu poitaangalaam. Dhanush as the photo shows smiled back at him. Ambdudhey!!!

    Kadasila Prasahnth’s wedding-a vida idhu periya news aa pottutaangale Aa.Vi????


  5. hey geek, y such silly politics and rumours in ur descent website? don’t get any personal with celebrities life. it’s not our problem. for all u know they r very nice ppl. everybody is sick in someway. post something informative for guys who expect more out of u but nothing for the ones who simple gossip and talk abt gossips!!! this is my request..