Camera Talks !!

“Photography goes with realism, we struggle to make it surreal.” If poetry inheres in what lies between the words, the cinematographer’s task is to capture the unsaid. He must make the film so spectacular as to entice viewers to abandon television and come to the theatre. The camera must go beyond the functional aspects of replicating period and location.

Three Ace Cinematographers. Three view points. Three philosophies of movie making. They talk too few things which make perfect sense in their own ways. Rajeev Menon, Madhu Ambhat[Anjali] and ofcourse Balu Mahendra talk about cinema through their cameras. Read more, Through a lens, brightly.

3 thoughts on “Camera Talks !!

  1. I like Madhu Ambat’s work in Anjali. Night Shyamalan is a big fan Madhu, Madhu photographed Shayamalan’s “Praying with Anger”. Shayamalan wanted to use Madhu for “Sixth Sense” but the studios insisted him to use an “ASC” photographer, so Shayamalan selected Tak Fujimoto for Sixth Sense.


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