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On a Rainy Friday !!

Chenthil is presently the most linked man in the Indian Blogosphere. With his blogpost on the moral policing happening at Chennai, the blogosphere seems afresh and there is so much of linking and debating going on in this issue. I have my own crib on the Tamil media/matter/morality issue. Nilu is calling for a Lagaan team to show what bloggers are for the system. Check out, you might be interested.

Ammani’s recent quick tale a.k.a fast fiction[as I like to call it], Death of a Friend, was fantastic. We are such humongous hypocrites !!

They wouldn’t allow a ‘good’ director to stay in shape. Ab Tak Chhappan‘s Shimit Amin signs-up for a Yash Chopra banner starring Shahrukh. Rule No.1 in B(K)ollywood – If anyone makes meaningful cinema, make him direct an outright masala as his next movie and he will become one among equals. Huh !!

Maine Gandhi Ko Nahin Mara could be a masterpiece but Urmila, like Kamalhassan, talks too much about the subject during the release of the film. The dudes at Rediff title the interview as Meet Urmila, Gandhian Thinker. Give me a break !!. I am eager to watch it, however.

Oli Oviyar(!!) Thankar Bachan’s Chidambarathil Oru Appasamy takes a beating from The Hindu. Update – Get appreciated by Vikatan [44/100].

The ban over the on-screen smoking in television is pushed to Jan 1, 2006. Inimey vaithaaa vaithaa vaithaa thaan. Read previous cribs on the ban here and here.

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Ghajini – A Breaking News Review

Update – Usually an update is done at the end of a post. This is to show that I do budge for the dynamic comments that are springing-up on this post and those 3 long-time friends who wrote emails about this blog post.

One – I am not sure after seeing the movie, if I will agree/dis-agree with this ‘comment-turned-review’. I could be wrong enough to put the review but wasn’t it rightly named as Breaking news quick review and not a Roeper-Ebert’s Analyzed review.
Two – It’s pasted here as a review not because I don’t like the movie. I was probably the first on the blogosphere to show love(!!) on Ghajini, when the movie was announced and my adoration towards Murugadoss’ skills. Read this blogpost dated Feb 12, 2005, Surya and Murugadas join hands for Gajini. BTW, where is this breaking news dude, a lot of them are searching for him desperately. Deivamey(!!) enga poiteenga ??

Alert If you really want to read the quick review after all this hungama, click the link below. Else join the fun by reading only the comments here.

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Poda Un Moonjila En Kaiya Veikka

bollywood dreams
[Image – Google Video and Photographic Channel]

No, I’m not blowing my anger here for the hack attempt. Its the name of a tamil movie trailer.

Google Video is already up and googling through it yesterday, when my blog was under siege, I discovered a bunch of Tamil videos uploaded there. From Ah Aha TV trailer to a full song from a recent tamil movie February 14 to UNICEF’s report on Tsunami. I’ve now idea how Google is going to tackle the rights issues of these videos. Most film videos seem to be submitted by individuals and the producing corporations are going to be tad angry on these video releases.

This movie trailer, Poda Un Moonjila En Kaiya Veikka is supposed to be a parody on tamil films. Though it seems like a bunch of college dudes doing some funny-like-stuff on tamil movies, its been mixed and titled so well that it can be called as a parody itself. However amateur it seems, we are going to witness such home videos and amateurish small movies on video offerings the online world offers. As Mani Ratnam quoted in a recent interview, Filmmaking will become a lot more personal. It will become like writing. Anybody will be able to make a film. There are not only Kollywood parodies, Bollywood is no exception. Dont Stop Till You Get To Bollywood is a music video like parody on bollywood dance sequences.

I did bump on finally something gripping and more serious attempt in Google Video. Jonathan Torgovnik’s Bollywood Dreams attempts to document Indian Film Industry as a bunch of picture postcards. The image above is from Bollywood Dreams short film and it somehow went so well with the title of the post.

This short documentary runs a little more than 5 mins and has been produced by the Photographic Channel. It is one man’s observation on the Indian Film industry. Jonathan has travelled around India to capture photographs about India cinema both in the sets and in theatres. He is particularly amazed about the cinema posters. He says South India sports the cut-out culture and he is so fascinated by them. To add why I loved this documentary is that it captures on my interests, the cinema posters. I’ve clicked tons of pictures on posters, cutouts, banners, DVD covers and whatever assosiated with cinema advertisement. Some of them are also on the photoblog. Coming back, the documetary also briefly touches upon the touring talkies and the economics of a touring talkies. Good one. Don’t miss it and keep Googlling for videos.


Peek into Rahman’s desk

[Image – Sound Wizard]

These guys at Sound Wizard are professional designers of acoustic systems and architectural acoustics. Their clients list boasts of a super superstar.

A R Rahman’s music recording studio was designed and erected by these guys. It’s been something that many of us enjoy to peek into. The pictures and tech details about the studio will do the rest of talking. Thanks to RadhaKrish for the pointer.