As soon as blogger announces

As soon as blogger announces the import of posts from other blogging tools option, I’m moving the blog here or back to it’s own place. Whatever be it, the templates are now changed and ready to take over.

I’ve sent a couple of mails to blogger team asking for the release dates. No answers as of yet. Seems like it is their feature request No.1.

3 responses to “As soon as blogger announces”

  1. Nithya Avatar

    But why?!
    The modified kubrick template looks really cool..


  2. Anoop Avatar

    Cool…. i personally liked the first one probably coz i see Mani in there ;-)) but the second one’s too really nice.. really spacious 😉
    good luck ! hopin to see em faaast…


  3. Kishore Avatar

    Wise minds think alike.. 😉
    (if u know what I’m trying to say) 🙂