Kamal Hassan, the poet

Rumors were also abuzz that the actor has decided to revive his dream project Marudhanayakam and hence he had a meeting with Karunanidhi to discuss about the storyline and script.

Since Kamal wanted to come out with a book of his own poems, he had called on the latter and read out few lines to him and also urged him to take part in a function to be held later to release the collection of poems.

– More from India Glitz

For a minute, I thought the rumor of reviving Marudhanayagam was true. Yet, its a sweet news. A book by Kamal Hassan was set to be released even during Ananthu‘s days. It was never released.

Finally, I think he has decided that tamil folks can read his writings. Though we have already read his screenplay of Hey Ram and also the shortstory[Aalavanthan was based on this shortstory] that was published in Kumudam, a couple of years back, this full fledged collection of poems would be magnum opus for Kamal’s fans.

14 responses to “Kamal Hassan, the poet”

  1. raghu Avatar

    In one film, vadivelu comes with a very big moustache and thatz how a big mostache on kamal’s face looks like.

    Surely laughed by seeing soorasamharam and virumandi getup’s and now , one more from marudanayagam. oh god. what hair style and meesai style he is going to keep for this film ?
    well thatz the one that always changes in kamal’s film.

    People in tamilnadu are eagerly waiting to watch this movie. good joke. May time kamal can manage this time with a walking stick instead of sword.


  2. ram Avatar

    mai_a poga-nu (pun intended!) oru comment-a post pannirukkeenge adhuvum Kamal Hassan pathi…he’s the best actor we’ve got…maybe you should stick to Vijay’s films…he’s *always* the same…


  3. Venkat Avatar

    Hi Guru,
    Hey Ram Screenplay? Oh God, (no pun intended) I really want to read that. It is my favourite Kamal movie and I feel its one of India’s best ever movies. Can you tell me where I can get it?

    When is this poem collection releasing?


  4. Keerthivasan Avatar

    ram, vijay is *always* the same. i agree if thats what you mean. he’s never going to change 🙂

    lazy, kamal screws up in poems, as far as i have seen (eg. poetry in aananda viktan’s deepavali malar). hope, the book is compiled well.


  5. Maran Avatar

    Looks like another fund raiser for his next project.


  6. Sudha Narayanan Avatar

    didnt know about this particular talent of Kamalhassan.. Another feather to his cap, this one..


  7. Srihari Avatar

    It’s available in New Book Lands, Chennai. It was actually released in 2000 and there was an article on movie screenplays as books in The Hindu. I wanted a copy and hunted around. I remember asking Lazy a couple of times to get my hands on that piece and he told me that it’s in New Book Lands. Thanks to him, I bought it from there.


  8. Venkat Avatar

    Thanks Srihari, thanks a lot.


  9. Somu Avatar

    “Kandhasaamy, ramasaamy, Munusaamy, Kalyaanam katiginaango”… The lyrics for this song from Pammal K Samandham was penned by Kamal.

    Hope his collection of poems aint a joke like this !!!!

    And if Karunanidhi is gonna inagurate the book, am sure another “Kavikuil kamalhaasan” Title awaits him !!


  10. Bala (Karthik) Avatar

    Another feather in Padmashree Dr. Kamal Haasan’s cap!
    Some people here are reacting as though this is the first time KH is doing something like this. How can one forget “Nee pArtha pArvai..” from Hey Ram or “Ona vida” from Virumaandi which Kamal composed in an hour????

    Also, Kamal wrote this quite a while back (“Thedi theerpom va…….”)


  11. prakash Avatar


    //the shortstory[Aalavanthan was based on this shortstory] that was published in Kumudam, a couple of years back,//

    Aalavandan was based on kamalhasan’s “Thaayam” , a serialised novel, published in manian’s ” Idhayam Pesugirathu” weekly, about 20 years back


  12. Narayanan Avatar

    I look forward to it as a die hard Kamal fan.!


  13. sara Avatar

    whatever kamal does, he excels in it .. wondering how is he’s upcoming DasaAvatharaam is going to be ?


  14. raj Avatar

    Kamal is the best matured actor. He is a gift to India. Some people are jealous on him and that is the only reason they dont like Kamal.

    The real fact is kamal fans are more than any other fans in Tamil nadu



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