Suderman v/s Sudhish Kamath

Sudhish is more of a blogger than a mainstream journo. I love to have him in our camp. His review of Mangal Pandey in today’s edition of Hindu is one of the better reviews of recent times, going by Hindu’s review standards. You have to read his blog review , The Balls of Mangal Pandey and come back to read his Hindu review, The canvas is not complete. The content of the review hasn’t changed much. The words have. If you do a compare and contrast you know the limitations of a mainstream media journalist.

But the way Hindu’s reviews reveal half the plot in their review, the rest half is however very predictable by any short term tamil movie audience. I remember S.Ve Shekar’s wit in one his stage plays, “Enna Avasaram. Theatre’la Padam pottuta podattum. Tamizh padam thaney… Engendhu Paathaalum puriyum“. Though there is no story as such that someone can reveal in a movie like Mangal Pandey, his review today is certainly a good offshoot from the regular ‘boring’ stuff. Sudhish, Way to go !!

BTW, Sudhish did say that the movie had a four-year wait. Maybe he just doubled the wait time. It was not even 2 years back, Prince was here to kick-start the movie. Thats just for my urge to nitpick.

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  1. Maharajan Avatar

    Lazy, I think the four-year-wait Sudhish seems to be mentioning is the four years that fans have waited for an Aamir movie, since Lagaan and DCH in 2001.

    I liked the way Sudhish speculates here:
    So, Mehta’s film would serve as the ideal first Act for a trilogy on the struggle for independence.
    Now, if that were possible……..


  2. aNTi Avatar

    LG: I think four years is right, because the movie was announced quite sometime ago, but then original financiers dropped out and so they had to go back to square one.
    And what is this about B@bby Bedi announcing to one and all that he is producing a version of the Mahabaratha, to be directed by Mani Ratnam? Chennai la indha news adi padalaya? No one seems to have asked MR for a soundbite!


  3. F e r r a r i Avatar


    If am not wrong, Lazy had blogged about this sometime back. Mentioning about the emails thats been circulating.

    Correct me, if am wrong Lazy 😀


  4. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Maharajan/ Anti, I think you are in line with what Sudhish is saying. I agree that he was hinting 4 years from DCH and Lagaan release.

    Ferrari, True. I have written on that a month back. I am fearing that it is going to become true. I hope not.


  5. suderman Avatar

    Thanks Lazy! 🙂
    Yeah, I meant the time between DCH n Mangal as the four year wait..

    And Maharajan: That wasn’t actually speculation, Ketan Mehta has said that it’s a part of a trilogy and he’s still working on the script for the sequel.
    Thanks guys!


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