Paavai Unn Maeni, Kaadhal Veenai

Paavai Unn Maeni, Kaadhal Veenai
Kaalai Enn Kaigal, Meetum Vellai

Ennena Raagangal Nee Meetuvaai, Athil
Ennena Vannangal Nee Kaatuvaai
Ethetho Raagangal Naan Paadalaam – Athu
Thaangaamal Unn Maeni Poraadalaam

Santhosham Thaangaamal Thalladum Nerathil
Enn Maeni Saayaamal Nee Thaangalaam, Anbe !!

10 responses to “Paavai Unn Maeni, Kaadhal Veenai”

  1. Love all kinds of music, especially tamil music – old, new, everything in between.
    This song is on my all time faves list too. Keep it coming 🙂


  2. Hi,
    I used to remember all the song snippets that you used to provide now and then and feel nostalgic…. I feel both of us share the same taste – ofcourse looks like most of the viewers in this blog share the same tastes….
    Cutting to the chase….. I am really at loss as to what song this is…. Please help me out…. Loosing my sleep….


  3. Yes Boss… I read it closely and hence I am even more flabbergasted that even with the song name I could not remember the song :((( Film Name please ? I am still awake (I am in your time zone only…)

    BTW: The latest one about the film reviews is very good….