If there one online stuff

If there one online stuff that defies diminishing marginal utility, it’s gmail.

8 responses to “If there one online stuff”

  1. Keerthivasan Avatar

    oh Yes. Its more than a year, and am still loving GMail. Thin i will use it completely. Im already 600 Meg. Complete utilization.


  2. Saba Avatar

    That is because it is not costing you anything. I dont think the law of diminishing marginal utility applies to free stuff on which you dont have to act immediately.
    The fact is that you dont have to use the free space immediately and can keep it without any associated costs – economic, moral or physical. Plus you dont waste time, space etc. and the free space is actually virtual – coming into existence only when needed


  3. Larry Avatar

    This is baloney. Gmail takes advantage of this law. Does NOT defy it.


  4. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Keerthi, 600 megs !! wow.

    Saba, it could be true as gmail doesn’t cost me anything. but it is so nice to see they keep improving the product and it is replacing other mail systems. yahoo still stands as a competition but gmail’s search simply outdoes yahoo mail.

    i’m expecting yahoo mail to catch up with their oddpost implementation.

    Lazy B, even if my statement is silly, i’m fine. for me emailing was a humdrum and gmail changed it by making a lightweight model of email.

    however i don’t see the validity of your statement. how do you say it takes advantage of law of dim marginal utility. keynes would love to hear that.


  5. Narasi Avatar

    Hi LG,

    I totally agree with this law of diminishing marginal utility,& also the relation you have made to Gmail. Its the fact always that the consumption of the product reduces by each individual on ongoing basis.

    Nice pointer. cool….


  6. Kishore Avatar

    But thats the whole point!! Uility decreases with increase in consumption.. but that becomes the motivation for the manufacturer to provide more value addition… gmail was a major disruptive innovation.. and a diminishing utility means they always need that extra everytime to sustain themselves in the competition who race not too far from them…

    And with each one trying to bring up that extra, consumer becomes the winner.. or rather a win-win for consumer and manufacturer…


  7. kumar Avatar

    Mine’s a whopping 1009 MB.. 41%.. !!
    I wonder why its taking such a long time for gmail to include the mail size feature..


  8. thodarumm Avatar

    Love gmail! Loving Picasa…
    Love google..
    Emoticons venum…
    But holy molly, I don’t know what they do auto-scanning all our messages sitting on their server (I KNOW TARGETED ADS, BUT STILL).

    btw, when I logged in before, it is used to be
    a secure page before, but not anymore.


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