corolla 05

Not the one above. But something similar(!!) to this 2005 Corolla. I finally bought a late 90’s Toyota Corolla with enough miles on it. As my car search rolled from weeks into months, it was like Than muyarchiyil satrum manam thalaraatha vikramaadhityan stuff. Alas, I fell a prey to the ‘desi’ HondaToyotaHondaToyota syndrome, only for good. The nice thing about this used car is that it has Kenwood CDs/speakers and I’m already looping Anbe Aaaruyirey. Nice to drive, am not cribbing here. Thanks to Sridhar for helping me with the car google.

So when you drive by the streets of Redmond, if you hear someone blasting Fanah in a maroon corolla and shouting alongwith it, give me a kick, thats me.

17 responses to “‘Desi’fication”

  1. congratulations on the car….its the same syndrom here in Malaysia. The next thing to our national car, Proton is either Honda or Toyota…..


  2. Congratulations!!!!
    Indha paatu ellam kooda keLunga

    1. Chandralekha – Thriuda Thiruda
    2. Ninnukori varanam-Agni Natchathiram
    3. Madai Thirandhu – Nizhalgal


  3. Ya, and I’m one of the lucky ones to listen to Anbe Aaruyirey the moment I stepped into the car.. 😉 Thanks for the nice Welcome.. 🙂

    Guru, aduthadhu eppo? 🙂


  4. I think these songs make a great blast list

    Toofan ki raat – Thakshak
    Taal se taal mila Western
    I wanna be free – Tehzeeb
    Daud – Both the Usha uthup and Remo versions
    Dol Dol – Ayutha Ezhuthu
    One 2 Ka 4 theme sung by Rahman
    Mangta hai kya – Rangeela
    Oh saiyee – Daud . One of Rahman’ best that went unnoticed.


  5. Way to go. After adding 60000 miles to my camry, i’m still totally in love with it! long live the desi shopping culture! by the way, did you get a cassette adapator to plug in to your mp3 player and your car stereo? i finally managed to get rid of my 100 scratched cd-rs. Here are some good car songs- Andhi mazhai, Poo maalaye thol serava. For long drives, S.V shekhar is the best


  6. Gp, Thanks. And that syndrome seems to be everywhere.

    Ferrari, Madai thirandhu is top class.

    Kishore, Sekiram…

    Kathikeyan, Thanks.

    Maran, Noothula onu sonnalum…true. let me send it for p’imp the ride.

    Sreekanth, I didn’t miss to enjoy Daud. I love them infact. Thanks for the list.

    Fellow Lazy, Thanks for that. And I normally listen to S.Ve Shekar before sleep. So you can wear the headphones and laugh loudly 😉


  7. YB, Congrats too. Chevy Malibu was one of fave before they convinced me with a japanese car. My friend at chicago has it and is very happy about it.

    Cipher, Catch me if you can.

    Tamil, If you have an indian store around you will get all the songs there. the indian store near my house gets all the new CDs within a week of release in india. we get casettes too.


  8. lazy,
    this is my first post here.you seem to be a rahmaniac.jus like me.i always buy original cds of rahman.here is my best list.
    1. azhaghe sugama – parthale paravasam
    2.thoda thoda – indira
    3.then kizhakku cheemaiyile – malaysia vasudevan(great voice)
    4.yuh hi chala – swades
    5.hai rabba – jeans(tamil)

    and the list goes on and on…………..
    long live rahman


  9. Hi LG,

    To that the song list this will be a great one to hear while driving

    Endrendrum Ponagai… – Alaypayuthe

    & if ur along with ur family then

    Suthi..Suthi vandhega – Padayappa

    Congratulations! Have a Happy & safe driving.