Air Show and Gautam Menon in Seattle

Seattle Air Show

Seattle Air Show which happened today as a part of Seafair 2005, was scintillating. The speed, the turns and ofcourse the noise were at all time high and it was like watching a Wolfgang Petersen movie being shot before the eyes. Seattle Airshow is also known as Mother of Air shows especially because the Boeing being headquatered at Seattle and nearly half a million get to see it. Performed over the Lake Washington, it has the beautiful snowclad Mt Rainier as the backdrop.

While the I-90 traffic was just moving quite contrary to the supersonic speed of the airshow, I went upto Mercer Island on the banks of Lake Washington. And to get a view myself and Ram walked into the lake and were standing knee deep in water to see the airshow. As the U.S. Navy Blue Angels started to perform stuff that I had only watched in movies, it gave me goosebumps. The whole of the Seattle’s hanging bridge was closed to avoid distractions to the car drivers on the bridge. I was live moblogging from the airshow !! Check out some photos on the Seattle Moblog.

Gautham Menon in Seattle
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With my jeans getting wet due to the water, we had to get some sun on the jeans. While standing in the shore, we saw a gentleman who was looking like our ‘Kakkha Kakkha‘ Gautam Menon. With his trimmed down physique and grown up hair he was looking like Gautam Menon‘s brother. I wasn’t convinced that it was Gautam so Ram went ahead and asked if he was Gautam. To my surprise, he nodded his head in acceptance. He said that he was visiting his sister and hence came over to the show.

Though I had personally met him during the Symbiosis seminar at Chennai, with my tough questions, his new hair style and trimmed down ‘Vettayadu Villayadu‘ style was mis-leading. I wanted to take a picture of him and still didn’t want to invade his privacy. So I clicked just him without his sister and her son. We greeted and he moved on. All along my guessing part before clarifying with him, I was standing close to him and was saying to Ram, “Hey, avaru konjam gunda irupaaru illa, kojam sotta vera”. You should have seen my face turn pale when he nodded for our question on his identity. There were few more Indians around and I’m not sure if Kamal was also there in some VV make-up !!

With Gautam’s Vettayadu Villayadu kicking off from New York on Aug 15th, he must have been having taking a long rest in Seattle before he jumps into the shoot. Let’s see if I can spot him in some Indian store eating samosa. I would love to tell him he was a nice guy to remain cool even after overhearing me describing him.

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  1. A.Rao Avatar

    Thanks for the link G. But that looks very little like Gautam..Jeez why has he lost weight like this?!


  2. Ravages Avatar

    Did you tell him about the cellphone number and Surya calls?


  3. Ganesh Avatar

    Hello Guru
    Happy Friendship Day.
    And special thanks to you.
    For you inspired me to blog in the first place.
    It has been a year since I started blogging now, and this being international friendship day, just want say my thanks to you.



  4. Phoenix Avatar

    Did he get the autograph from the
    celebrity ;)(ofcourse i meant you to be the [blog] celebrity)


  5. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Aishwarya, Yep. Lost a lot of weight. This happens partly due to Kamal driving his team towards staple diet. i’ve seen this happen to yuhi sethu also.

    CC, I had told him earlier on the Symbiosis seminar and he said if any one wishes you by mistaken identity, to take it too serious, wish him back.

    Phoneix, Konjam overaa theriyala.


  6. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Ganesh, Thanks a lot and very happy friendship day to you too. Hope you had a great weekend geaway at Manhattan last week .


  7. Keerthivasan Avatar

    waw ! Kamal shud have been there. Patchi says Kamal is out of India.


  8. Jacky Avatar

    Wish you bump into him in a Samosa shop and become VV’s official media partner!
    I badly need a break from Sify 🙂


  9. F e r r a r i Avatar

    Happy Friendship day Lazy 🙂

    Koodiya seekram Kamal meet pannunga 🙂


  10. Kamaldasan Avatar

    Namma Thalavaru Kamal is always smart, so a director who directs him should also be smart, so there is no surprise in his weight loss


  11. Bala (Karthik) Avatar

    Just when i was beginning to have ominous doubts about VV starting off the blocks, you give the good news that the shoot commences on Aug 15th. Great news indeed!


  12. Raj Avatar

    My post has nothing to do with the topic under discussion (ie G Menon et al) but still thought you may be interested…
    Quite a few reviews of Mangal Pandey, the FILM, are out-here in the West-(post Cannes and Locarno screenings), most of them lukewarm. You can access them at the empireonline & Hollywood Reporter (Ray Bennet of Reuters-review) websites among other places.
    The general consensus appears to be good performances and sets but its very melodramatic and the singing and dancing segments are jarringly off putting in a film supposedly about oppression, honour and other Big Themes.
    Definitely not the kind of rave reviews Lagaan got, so we may as well forget the Oscar.
    Is this yet another example of Westerners simply ‘not getting’ Bollywood/Indian cinema or is it a case of us not yet being able to bridge the gap b/w our global aspirations and ‘their’ expectations? Will only know after we see the film, obviously.
    That old chestnut of a question, though, does crop up in my thoughts-should we just keep on making the kind of films we make and simply not care about the West (or expect them to come around to our way of thinking/viewing) OR should we, like Chinese, Iranian and Korean film makers, make films with an international sensibility ie films that don’t just glorify in an exotic India but instead (in all genres) eschew melodrama, understand the value and importance of silences, subtlety and images in cinema rather than relying on stupefyingly banal dialogues that feel the need to ‘explain’ everything and which don’t have to be 3+ hours long?
    Can we ever make ‘The Usual Suspects’, ‘Hero’, ‘Oldboy’, etc? Film makers like Maniratnam, Farhan Akhtar, G Menon, A Gowariker and RG Verma do offer hope but need to be even more daring/ambitious than they’ve been so far; even their films have really been ‘well made’ only from an all-India perspective; while technically they may match Western films, in terms of the subtlety (there’s that word again) with which they dramatise their stories, I feel they lack a certain something.
    OK, rant over; apologies again, LG, for posting something not directly related to the topic under discussion; though the odd reference to G Menon in my post may serve as a tenuous link to yours!


  13. Kirubakaran Avatar

    Good pix of the airshow. I have posted some pix of the airshow too. Check them out if you are interested. Mine are of the Thunderbirds (US Airforce). The show there last weekend in Seattle.


  14. dumbs Avatar

    I had met Gautum at Chennai airport a year ago. I did not recognize him. I told him he looked familiar and asked him if he knew me. When he said he was not sure, I told him that he looked like my senior in college who had ragged me. We were discussing where we would have met and then all of a sudden he humbly mentioned, “Sometime ago I made a movie called Kaakha Kaakha” I was like,”man u r humble!”