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rahman on raja
[Thanks – Vikatan]

We know that there is some compulsion to say good things to media about pioneers. Rahman’s this response to Vikatan on Raaja’s Thiruvasagam in Symphony, doesn’t seem to be pretenitous. It’s guileless and straight from the heart.

I didn’t know until this interview that Rahman did a quick show at the Tsumani affected areas of Karaikaal. Also I’m surprised when he says that he is composing music for tamil film called Jillunu Oru Kaathal. Curious to know who is directing it ?

In my opinion this is a different interview of Rahman. Instead of talking on his efforts, Rahman talks mostly about the music industry and tamil music directors. Proves that he is truly back to kollywood. We knew that even with those lines proclaiming, Adiyen thamizhan, naan ungal nanban.

P.S – I think it is this Surya- Jothika starring movie directed by Gautam Menon’s assosiate Krishna that Rahman was referring as Jillunu Oru Kaathal. Thanks Gayu.

13 responses to “Rahman on Raaja’s TIS”

  1. aNTi Avatar

    LG, Chinmayee had a first person account of the show, which was I think on the day before the release of the Aa Ahh audio. Look for a post dated July 19 on her blog…


  2. shal Avatar

    hey LG,

    the movie rahman is referring to is gautam’s associate, nagaraj krishna’s.


  3. Arjuna Avatar

    Infact a controversy has started on this: Check my blog out:



  4. Kishore Avatar

    “sagala vidhamana ketta pazhakkangalum irundhal thaan isai varumnu nambittirundhavangalai kuda nan parthirukkiren”

    Didn’t exactly get what he’s trying to say.. any explanation?


  5. F e r r a r i Avatar


    Adhu onnum illai paa. Oru kaalathula, some musicians used to smoke, drink and also chew pan. Adhu edhuvum illama chamatha irukkara trend start panninadhu namma IR sir. Adha solla varaaru ARR


  6. Prabhu S Avatar


    True, ARR has spoken from heart. ARR is a down to earth human being.


  7. Reflex Avatar

    Good dude, I am not getting tamil books here in Pune coz of heavy rains. Thanx that I got a jist of the interview.


  8. Anoop Avatar

    Unlike many other (great/non-great) Music Dir’s (incl u know who..oops summa unga vaaya kinda dhaan 😉 ) I guess Rahman has always been modest and down to earth. most of his interviews have been that way.. He had spoken so high of Vidya Sagar and Bharathwaj. Being such a great personality I guess this sort of a character stands apart. I was pulled towards Rahman more for this reason.


  9. Sureshkumar Avatar

    Atlast a post from you about Thiruvasakam (though not completely about it). I too read the interview. Hey i came to know about this Kariakal concert from singer Chinmayi’s blog.

    I too eagerly waiting for “JOKK” album.


  10. Bala (Karthik) Avatar

    Yes, that was genuine and anyone who’s listened to, nay experienced “Thiruvasagam By Ilaiyaraaja” will have only genuine feelings of musical bliss.
    ARR, who was sitting next to Ilayaan (as he mentions in the AV interview), made some remarks on similar lines on that day itself.

    So you know now that there’s a thing called TIS, huh? j/k 🙂


  11. Vinesh Avatar

    Music directors Raaja and Rahman have always been dignified…

    It’s the fans who attempt to disgrace each other, and end up disgracing themselves.


  12. R S Prasanna Avatar
    R S Prasanna

    So, what say we share views about Thituvasagam. Lemme start.



  13. Vignesh Avatar

    In a felicitation function in honor of MSV-RM, ARR said something like “Ilaiyaraaja is a university of music” and “MSV oru kodu pottar appuram Ilaiyaraaja oru kodu pottar. Naan athula nadanthitu irukkaen”

    When ARR came for YSR’s marriage, IR embraced him such heartily that everyone around them felt that scene moving.


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