Ottunaa Ottuvaen Muttuna Muttuvaen, enn

Ottunaa Ottuvaen Muttuna Muttuvaen, enn Veerapoo
Othaiyaa Ninunaan Vithaya Kaatuvaen, enn Kithaapoo
Villaathi Villanum Anjanum Kenjanum
Vanduingey Vandhanam Sollanum !!

9 responses to “Ottunaa Ottuvaen Muttuna Muttuvaen, enn”

  1. Truly…gowthami..Sigh !!!!

    I don’t think the rumor is true…in fact she is supposedly living with Kamal these days…a pair that looks more suited to each other than any other…

    Apoorva Sagotharargal, Nammavar, Thevar Magan…Sigh !!!

    Anyways, this is the best dappankoothu in tamil cinema….makes u want to dance instantly…what a song !!!


  2. How many Sighs out here… 😉 huh?
    IR is the only master of dappanguthu and this I say as a big compliment.
    compare his songs to the gaana genre of Deva…. and you ll know the difference between cheese and chalk.


  3. The best part of Raja’s Dappankuthu is his uncanny knack of blending Carnatic music with it.
    The resulting output may not have name, but is simply brilliant.