Mona Mona Mona !!

Mona mona mona !

Clicked this while looking for wall hangings. Another one here. What you see is not what you get !!

3 responses to “Mona Mona Mona !!”

  1. Fakir Avatar

    Quite unrelated..saw this IR’s interview on BBC..incase u haven’t listened to it b4


  2. narasi Avatar

    Hi LG,

    The pictures are good. BTW I have seen somewhere as a caption of a blog, the description you have given here. hmm…


  3. Hawkeye Avatar

    Hey LG,

    you look a little forlorn man! maybe its the seattle weather. i am coming there for a week.

    keep putting more on Sujatha’s stuff. i like reading em.

    – blogger formerly known as Bharath


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