This morning, with Yej Jo

This morning, with Yej Jo Des Hai Tera looping in my ears, I took a long stroll until Microsoft. I came back home.

6 responses to “This morning, with Yej Jo”

  1. raapi Avatar

    Did you mean ‘home’ as in India :)?
    If so,that song defnitely has proved its worth!
    If not,its jus another piece of music!

    Anyways,do movies really have an impact on important life changing decisions?


  2. Keerthivasan Avatar

    They do, raapi. It makes my life.

    Lazy, You back to India ?? I dont think so. You just ordered Harry Potter from the library..


  3. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Raapi/Keerthi, I came back home after the walk. Nothing much. The song like before evoked plethora of emotions and I just wanted to get the pun out. Good it reached.


  4. Ashwini Avatar

    Is this a sign that you are missing home–as in India?


  5. Maverick Avatar

    I thought the MS Gates were closed for this die-hard Google fan and you had to come back home 🙂


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