Mani Ratnam on Personal Film-making

I think we are on the threshold of development. Today, a lot more films are made for an international audience. Technology will play a big role with the growth of the digital medium. Filmmaking will become a lot more personal. It will become like writing. Anybody will be able to make a film.

Those are words of Mani Ratnam in a short interview to Deccan Herald. Interesting observtion. Rest of the interview, has already appeared on print before, in some form or other.

With the way things are exponentially progressing, what Mani says will happen sooner than expected. Like blogging, anyone will be able to make a film. By then, most of us would be already standing with a Sony movie handycam and loads of ideas. Ofcourse, rehearsing the script within ourselves. !!

3 responses to “Mani Ratnam on Personal Film-making”

  1. Lazy, true to an extent. But then, did you read Gnyani’s O-Pakkangal, couple of weeks before on Ananda Vikatan. He said why Ideas of students and youngsters were dry or stereotypic even though they had their Handycams.

    Of course, technology has to meet talent and ideas for a good movie to come out. Hope many people come up like that.


  2. He has already made known this views in a previous interview in The Hindu. And yes, with the amount of exposure that people get on e-arth, and all tech enablers for video, everyone will/can produce their own movie. again, only quality will survive. but we can find a lot of “Seyttriley muzhaitha sendhaamarais”. (Lotus in the mud pool)


  3. ManiRatnam!!!
    Is that guy still making movies?
    So sad….
    Now he has turned his eyes on some innocent guy’s handicam to steal the next big idea? Cool!