Lazy Casting !!

Here you go. My first blogcast/podcast whatever you want to name it. Blogger‘s own Audioblogger, allows you to call a US number and leave a message which is then converted into a mp3 file[approx 1k/per second], named as audioblog. I took a quick spin with registering my mobile and heck it was done within seconds.

Basically I’ve done a quick review of Anniyan followed by a commentary on Page 3 recieving the national award for Best Picture. For those who are regular to this silly space, will know (!!) what my reactions are. For others, I’m strictly warning not to listen and develop an instant enmity. Proceed no further.

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If you have listened to that lazycast and still reading this, apologize for that. Wasn’t a joke played on you but on myself. Only after the sign-up, when I listened to my voice on the PC, I had second thoughts and hence this. Jokes apart, and my intentions on podcast left apart, I will posting audio blogs here at lazycast(e?).

If you are in US, try Audio Blogger.

16 responses to “Lazy Casting !!”

  1. F e r r a r i Avatar

    Indha weekendum unga samayal aa?


  2. Abhishek Avatar

    Lazy congrats man on ur first podcast n man was it funny


  3. Karthik Prabaharan Avatar
    Karthik Prabaharan

    Hi LG, started my monday morning listening to your first podcasting and I was ROTFL 🙂


  4. Karthik Narayan Avatar

    You know, you had a credibility and reading the first blog and listening to the first podcast of the day, somehow, I get a feeling that you have lost the level of respect you had.

    But honestly, good job.


  5. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Ferrari/Abhishek/Karthik, 😉

    Karthik, Thanks for that. But the idea itself was that to express my thoughts on Podcasting(which you know by now) and ofcourse on my voice check.


  6. yy Avatar

    good one guru


  7. Karthik Narayan Avatar

    Tagged, this time for Automobiles.


  8. Keerthivasan Avatar

    Here’s the english translation of your Spanish Podcast. “All you people out there, this is Gurusubramanian, aka Lazygeek. This maiden podcast is for announcing that, i will be contesting on the next TN Elections…”

    (remember Kaundamani’s role as Actor Silpakumar ??, Adhu ungalukku nadakka kadavuga !!!)


  9. Jacky Avatar

    Jeez! Oru celebrity blogger oda voice-a kekalam nu nenacha…yeppadi iruntha na ippadi ayiten range la iruku!
    But that was damn funny first attempt!
    I wish the CEO of Vicks is reading your blog 🙂


  10. Ganesh Avatar

    Yow Lazy Geek!!
    Romba enthuva vandhu asaya unga kurala kekalamunnu vandha ippadi irumi serumi vachireenga romba mosam
    disappointed 😦


  11. Raj Avatar

    Excellent,awesome,wonderful…i am left speechless,finding no words to explain ur lazy cast.Grr……. Nerla maatamala poiduveenga…..


  12. YB Avatar

    Somewhat geeky, but perfectly lazy ;^)


  13. Phoenix Avatar

    How come you were active enough to publish the “lazy” podcast 🙂 ???


  14. aNTi Avatar

    Thaangala thalaiva thaangala :))


  15. Ganesh Avatar

    I have done my audioblog check it out



  16. Anoop Avatar

    Guru, idhellaam too much!! 😉 btw remember me??


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