Potter to be let out !!

Harry Potter

I came back home even before the book was released. But it was all fun @ Barnes and Noble. Check out some pictures of Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince book release party. Thanks to my mobile camera !!

Looks like the book is already out in UK. I have ordered the book from the library. Yeah, Harry Potter – Book One.

9 responses to “Potter to be let out !!”

  1. Raj Avatar

    Hi LG,
    It says no such photos found 😉


  2. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Raj, Thanks for that. It’s fixed now. Thoongaliyaa ?


  3. Somu Avatar

    It still says the same :o(


  4. Raj Avatar

    Weekend illaya so ungala maathiri naanum blog watch?! pannikittu irunthen 🙂


  5. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Thanks Somu. Ippudu Choodu. BTW, I am not sure why the Slideshowdoesn’t work.


  6. Krithika Avatar

    That slideshow still doesn’t work. I felt like reading Dickens when I read Books 1 and 2. They are just the starters. 3 and 4 are quick snackes. The real thing doesn’t start of before book – 5.


  7. A.Rao Avatar

    Congrats on picking up book 1. As Krithi said Book 1 and 2 are mildly kindergardenish. Neverthless, by the end of book 3 you will be a HP fan-o-fan!Should i say welcome to the majik of HP!


  8. sat Avatar

    You have never read any of harry potter books – thats quite a shame on you.

    When are you ever going to get upto book 6?


  9. Maverick Avatar

    And the WWW already has got the PDF version within days of its release !!!


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