The Harry Hurry !!

The Harry Hurry
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I’m not in this race for I haven’t read a single Harry Potter as of date. I have watched the movies but somehow I missed on reading Harry Potter series and The Lord of the Rings. Having a Barnes and Noble just across the street, and such enthusiasm picking -up, I’m becoming curious. I’m planning to stay until friday midnight in Barnes and Noble to enjoy the release party of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Will catch some crazy emotions during the release through my mobile camera. The picture above was shot using the mobile cam, so excuse the quality. BTW, I might buy the book too.

11 thoughts on “The Harry Hurry !!

  1. Guru,
    quality not so bad (the picture).. but me seriously can’t stand this hype for potter. don’t find it interesting at all. boooooring.. but LOTR was fun.

  2. Guru,
    I definitely recommend you read all the previous 5 books before you start with this one – most of the story is highly intertwined and although you have seen the movies they are somewhat watered down and also – you still haven’t caught up on book 4 and book 5 – so it may well be worth your time to atleast start from 4 onwards. Yes it will take sometime before you can read the new one but I think it’s well worth it.
    Have a good day man!!

  3. Lazy,
    Harry Potter is an awesome book…if you like books that paints a picture…then this is the one. JK Rowling has amazing creativity, I was hooked before I even completed the first page of “The Philosopher’s Stone.” (Known as Sorcerer’s Stone in the U.S.)

    But unfortunately the movies havent really captured the essence of the book (But that happens almost always!)

    I would recommend this book for all ages, especially children. If you have time…it worth reading this book. You may not gain knowledge or wisdom, but would definitely bring in a lot of smiles.:)

  4. yeah, they are all good books. I thought the first movie was pretty good, it depicted the book very well, but then director changed, and so did the next couple movies.

  5. LG

    Is that you with those shopping bags on the pavement ? I try looking for the photographer or hints of his image in any photo I see and this explains my question . . .

  6. Venkat/Ashwini, Thanks for the huge recommendations. Am planning to read when I get to do some travel.

    Sriram, I thought it was sheer hype. But everytime it seems JK fulfils a harry potter fan and thats makes me accept this as more than a hype. I am not sure though, as I haven’t read any books of harry potter.

    Hemanth, Partly right. That was my friend with his shopping bags. you must have been watching those b-grade hollywood flicks to get interested with these stuff 😉

  7. The quality of the picture was good enough. Waiting for the pictures from the party. Pity we don’t have such mid-night release parties here in Chennai. But I shouldn’t complain because I’m getting my copy of the sixth book on 16th morning 7 am. And it is never late to start reading Harry Potter books. I actually find it funny when someone says it’s a kids book, because some old folks like my mother (she’s 50) enjoys them as well. And quite a few oldie professors of mine as well.

  8. Guru,
    I started with Harry Potter just last month after refusing to touch the series for no particular reason..i would say i waited for the hype to die b4 quietly becoming a huge fan myself… they are a must read and trust me you will enjoy them!

  9. hey lazy geek,

    am an avid reader of your blog and love your filmi news and reviews….anyway, i know the hype for this book is crazy but pls pls don’t judge the book by that! the movies totally don’t do ANY justice to the book. they’re awesome and i implore you to pls read the first five before you read the HBP.

    only 2 days to go!! 🙂

  10. totally agree with ashwini when she says you can be hooked on the first page – i may be on the extremely wrong side of 20 (phew! never thought i would say that!), but i simple love these books – highly recommended for all ages. don’t go by the movies, i actually enjoy the pictures i painted in my head more than the visually elaborate sets!

  11. Ah LG – Not that I watch B-grade Hollywood flicks to think that way – I am an avid photographer myself. So, every photo irrespective of its quality interests me – I do not know if you thought that your friends image would come up on this one , had you thought that way, then you may have positioned yourself so that your image is reflected by the glass window. This is one technique where a photographer tries to add more information to a photo – has been very cleverly used by many to stunning effects !

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