Of Jobs, Books and Gandhi

Three months of wait before iCon Steve Jobs finally arrived from library. After the long wait for the book, when I had my hand on it, I lost interest in reading it. Just browsing through the book gives me a feeling that it’s just a re-hash of The Second Coming of Steve Jobs. I’m yet to read it to confirm my assumption.

The other books that I am reading[reading, reading and reading] are Rushdie’s Imaginary Homelands, Lavanya Sankaran’s The Red Carpet : Bangalore Stories and Suketu Mehta’s Maximum City : Bombay Lost and Found.

Offlate, more than fiction, I’m liking to read non-fiction though I hate to loose the kid in me. But non-fiction, especially by famous fiction writers is always amusing. Imaginary Homelands is collection of essays/criticism written by Rushdie during the 80’s. The essays have a different tone compared to the celebrity writer tone, offlate. In the preface, Rushdie writes about how he managed to get writing jobs for small magazines and how he finally settled in ‘writing-for-food’. The criticism on Attenborough’s Gandhi was a riveting read. For once, I could say, the review of a movie was riveting. It sure was.

5 responses to “Of Jobs, Books and Gandhi”

  1. The Bangalore Stories is a awesome book…light and funny. Its like hearing about every gossip in the neighborhood from the book! Its a good read.

    Sorry to break it to you iCon doesnt offer anything extra extra the Second Coming did…it kinda goes off-track.

    Do you read V.S.Naipaul?


  2. Nitin, thanks a lot for the pointer on the music.
    Guru, how is the Bombay novel? – I really like the cover with the crowded VT station, is it worth reading? Seems more or less a book for non Indians about Indians – i don’t like them so much..
    Have a good day man!!


  3. What do you think of “Maximum City: Bombat Lost and Found”? I am currently reading this (along with Arun Shouie’s “Missionaries in India”) book and I constantly wonder at why I am subjecting myself to this depressing book! 🙂

    And I do agree with your comment – “Offlate, more than fiction, I’m liking to read non-fiction though I hate to loose the kid in me” That’s exactly what I was thinking off too. Somehow reading about Americans out to save the world just doesn’t hold water anymore 🙂