We’re Not Afraid, a website created by London web designer Alfie Dennan, is creating waves. The website, in structure of a blog, has pictures of people from London and notes that displays, we are not afraid. Via BBC.

Users are being urged to enter a number in their phone’s memory under the heading ICE – In Case of Emergency. Via BBC.

Odeo is open to public, now. I stongly guess that this quick move is to balance the competition from Apple’s iTunes. Try it out.

Free SkypeOut Days. Yesterday was one of them and I got 10 skypeout minutes, free. BTW, I’m skyping, for the last couple of months @ guruwho. Catch me there.

Gillmour Gang’s podcast on Gnomedex ’05 was interesting. Gave good insight into the adoption of RSS by Microsoft for Longhorn. Must listen.

A decade of Amazon; a best-seller of it’s own. Also, Amazon’s Hall of Fame. Meanwhile, this is the time you should be reading this. Tell me if you understood the link.

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