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Lilliputian Reviews

Arindum Ariyaamalum – Hugely inspired from Mani Ratnam Flicks. Arya shines. Heroine couldn’t act. Yet again, Yuvan delivers. If only the climax wasn’t cliched…good watch.

Rear Window – A Photographer, a broken leg, a rear window and a homicide. Hitchcockian thriller. Engrossing.

The Ring – Urban Legend. Happens in Seattle. Good Screenplay, reminds me of a Stephen King book.

Rituparno Ghosh’s Raincoat is hanging on the stand. Yet to see !!

11 thoughts on “Lilliputian Reviews

  1. the first three opinions are as expected. curious about your raincoat review. raincoat draws extreme reactions…


  2. hi lazy
    AA was watchable only 4 the new find, Arya.Hard to believe it is his first movie. Very original .
    Was getting sick of all the producers’ & directors’ sons& brothers& nephews that either shouted, screamed & overacted or were so expressionless that one wanted to physically hit them to see if they could register some emotion on their face.
    Hope some good director notices him.


  3. Guru,
    enna ya ithu?
    You saw Rear Window yet made no comment about Grace Kelly? Come on man…
    Also if you like this type, try and see Vertigo – it even has some Chandramukhi parallels. Both of these are unquestionably masterpieces (Vertigo and Rear Window).
    Have a good day man!!


  4. Venkat, True. I missed to write about her. Per here name, graceful acting. And yeah, I have seen her before in hitcock’s another movie pairing cary grant, to catch a thief.

    I have seen vertigo and the intial part is like chandramukhi. I missed rear window until my friends Ram and Venkatesh recommended it.


  5. you are the only person that agreed taht AA was partly inspired by AE or anyother mani flick. Especially that song with the girl on teh beach….right from AE. And also those guys danceing with her reminded me of Uyirin Uyirae from Kakha Kakha. IMO it was a weak movie, the only good part was Arya and the other guy i think his name is Navdeep.

    nandha, arya’s first movie was ullam ketkumae, just didnt get realeased for a year. AA was his second movie..



  6. Nice work Guru, I’m sure you like Vertigo as well. It’s one of my favourite movies. As a little bit of trivia, you Hitchcock was really upset that Janet Leigh (Psycho) didn’t act in Vertigo due to pregnancy so he took it out on Kim Novak. In the scene where she will jump into the water – he made her do the makeup and jump in. Then do it again over and over for 12 times!!!
    Have a good day man!!


  7. Hi LAzy,
    Been a while since I posted a blog. Im a huge Hitchcock fan (The Rear Window is my all-time fav, Jimmy Stewart is too good in the film), add the following to your list and watch them:

    A trivia for those who didn’t know: Hitchcock appears in a cameo role in all , if not, most of his films. So watch out for Hitchcock playing a conductor or a passer-by , the next time you see a Hitchcock film.
    1. Dial M for Murder-Also Starring the beautiful Grace Kelly- Her wardrobe goes from bright colors in the beginning to dark ominous ones to reflect her mood as the movie progresses
    2. The Birds-Tippi Hedren-Another beauty-The next time you see a crow, you may think twice, after watching the movie 🙂
    3. Strangers on a Train-Its a B&W film-but very gripping .
    4.SpellBound-Ingrid Bergman and Gregory Peck
    5.The Paradine Case
    6.Notorious-Ingrid Bergman and C.Grant
    7. Rope-James Stewart again-This is a classic one


  8. Priya, he does appear in a cameo in all his movies. and yes, ‘Rope’ is a classic. lotsa interesting trivia about that one…


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