Sunday Samayal

“Etho oru sunday, naamalum lungiya madichhu kattikittu, samachiduvom. Athu Nallavum vandudum. Athukaaga…” says Arjun in Muthalvan. That’s exactly what I did yesterday.

Armed with lungi/kathrikka and tons of ‘experience’, I logged into the kitchen with the idea of cooking some exotic meals. A few hours later….. I was running for a glass of water, hot spicy saambar.

5 thoughts on “Sunday Samayal

  1. Give me a buzz sometime and I’ll try to walk you thru some simple but “powerful” recipes (as a teaser, how about morkuzhambu :-)) that can stand you in good stead 🙂


  2. i thought u ran for a glass of water for the “other” purposes !
    as says in one of his plays:
    “sapta arai mani nerathula palan theriym” 🙂


  3. enna samayalo…rasithu paarka yaarum illai…enna samayalo (slight modification of the UMT song!)


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