iTunes incorporates Podcasts


The newest version of iTunes has a section for Podcasts. iTunes 4.9 was released a week ago and within two days more than a million customers subscribed to the Podcasts content. While this may sound a welcoming break for iTunes users, start-ups like Odeo might have stiff competition. Odeo essentially does the same thing of accumulating a common place for Podcasts. It also allows Podcasts to be created and published. While iTunes allows you to publish, it doesn’t feature Podcast creation software.

With Apple joining the Podcast fray, not only will Podcasts gain attention, new & fresh podcasts will come to light. The online/print media wouldn’t want to miss the happenings of Podcast movement like what they did for blogging, in early days. Every second article on the technology forum of mainstream online media is on Podcasting. Just be aware of the media hype created here.

3 responses to “iTunes incorporates Podcasts”

  1. Guru,
    These podcasts are wastes. I tried to properly use them the past week or so and they are really stupid. Good content and all, but in a world where news is being updated every minute – the time it takes to download the podcasts then transfer to ipod – as far as I am concerned is not at all worth it.

    I don’t really understand the point either – is this Apple’s answer to the lack of radio in iPod – if it is – it’s a really sad contraption. It pains me to say this as an Apple fan but I think in trying to gain mass popularity (or compete with Windows) – Apple is dropping their standards. Where innovation used to be abundant now there is force feeding. Sadly Podcasting follows the trend.


  2. I agree with you Venkat. I felt its a waste too, I dont always sync my Ipod everyday, and even the podcasts that I subscribed to give information that I already know from the internet.


  3. Yeh agreed Nitin; as you said, it is far easier to get latest news from the net or even something like radio for that matter. I suppose however podcasts could be useful those weekly updated ones like MacTech News or Engadget etc – but as far as daily BBC, CNN type news is concerned, it is an exercise in futility.