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Aithayum Mamanum Soagam Thaana Aathula

Aithayum Mamanum Soagam Thaana
Aathula Meenum Soagam Thaana
Aithayum Mamanum Soagam Thaana
Aathula Meenum Soagam Thaana
Annamey Onnayum Ennayum Thooki Valaththa
Thinnayum Sugam Thaana…

The water droplets from the top of the glass window, in the bus, were sliding down. On the way down, as they were accumulating other droplets and enlarging themselves in size, it was this Rahman classic that was vocalizing in my ears. Was as energizing as the rainy day.

My player was on the shuffle mode. Guess what was the next song….Themmaangu Paadikondey Silu Siluvendru Sinduthamma Thooral, Muthu Thooral. IntelliShuffle !!

16 thoughts on “Aithayum Mamanum Soagam Thaana Aathula

  1. LG, i hv a doubt abt the last line in the lyric.
    // Thinnayum Sugam Thaana…//
    Is it not?
    // Annamey Onnayum Ennayum Thooki Valaththa
    chinnayan Sugam Thaana…//

    Chinnayan being the guy who took care of them.
    I checked with it had the same lines what u mentioned.
    Just wanted to know ur thoughts;-)


  2. Raj, I listened it for you again. It is thinnayum not chinnayan. anyone else can confirm this…

    Nitin, being an avid rahman fan you should be able to answer this. not very tough, dude.


  3. Yeah LG,
    It is indeed thinnayum….Thinnay is the raised porch area at the front of the house overlooking the road.


  4. Soagam? as in, sad? I know you were going for the actual transliteration of the song, so it should’ve been ‘sogam’. Or better still, left it at ‘sugam’. Funny how an extra ‘a’ completely changes the mood of the song, yet fits into Vairamuthu’s algorithmic verse so perfectly. Ramesh Mahadevan was bang on the money!


  5. Guru, I don’t know if your collection is a mixture of IR and ARR, but if it was my choice for an IntelliShuffle, I would have liked “Poove ilaiya poove” from KK (especially with the opening lines Kamakshi, indha letter enakku un nyaabagamaave irukku…)



  6. I guess Winamp has this intelligence.. or is it my imagination. I have 1443 songs in my playlist. I just shuffle it.. and select a genere of song. And the next song amazingly will resemble the same beat.

    I know it is just me realating things.. but i started believing Winamp has this brilliance


  7. Tilo, They forgot the classics, rightly. BTW, Kezhakku Cheemayile was the first full folk album by Rahman. I love it for the same reason.

    M, Just realised that what you said was right. I wanted literal transliteration with the accent and it changed the meaning. Thanks dude !!

    Thennavan, Kozhi Koovuthu’s Poove ilaiya poove is a classic. I have it 😉

    Ferrari, Just like Chenthil, I also blinked and after reading all 3 comments, i understood.

    Chenthil, Read you CCMT post. have done similar stuff while in chennai. i am happy, that it rains there.

    Keerthii, who knows which ghost is where !!


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