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In the coming days, one would probably see these images multiple times on the blogosphere as Shankar starts to aggressively market Anniyan through the print media.

Its a kodambakkam culture to release promos via Ananda Vikatan. Kamal in the Iyengaar make-up with a gun appeared on the covers of Vikatan for Hey Ram, Shanmugi with Madisaar appeared similarly. There are many more such Vikatan introductions. Per the classical way, Shankar releases the first ‘different’ pics to Vikatan. I loved the one above. Very different Vikram. I am sure the disappointment of Anniyan’s music will be offset by the visuals. Atleast we hope.

Doesn’t that kick-off the countdown for Anniyan. I have added all the pics from Vikatan here, Faces / Vikram / Anniyan. Thank You Vikatan.

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  1. Lets hope Shankar has learnt his lessons from Boys, and the movie isnt vulgar(Apart from Mudhalvan every shankar movie has vulgar and cheap stuff). I wish this movie atleast is good. Oru nalla tamizh padam paathu romba naaL aachu

  2. Apart from releasing the pictures thru AV, directors are also increasingly using the electronic medium (New Indian Express, India Glitz, Sify etc) to release the clippings from the movie.

  3. Nice to see someone knows how to use Microsoft Paint and get across all Copyright laws! Great going lazy…

  4. Hey Venkat, This isn’t any MS Paint act BTW. I didn’t do any magic. Just saved those pics on my local disc and uploaded to Flickr.

    So you thought that I sat and arranged them, gave borders and uploaded to flickr ? Too much man.

    If thats a copyright infringement, I am willing to remove them. Will every other blogger do the same stuff 😉

  5. I read that Anniyan is supposedly ripped off from “Daredevil”(*ing Ben Affleck). If its true, then Vikram is a lawyer by day, blind but has an extraordinary 4 other radar-like senses. By night, he is the “Anniyan”, playing vigilante and hunting down criminals. The original movie has the feel of batman/spiderman with many graphics-aided scenes. Of course, all this assuming Anniyan is indeed a rip-off. This information was supposedly leaked by a guy who worked on the post-production of Anniyan. Any one else know anything about this?

  6. Shankar’s interview on AV was bit disappointing for me as he said this movie belongs to the same genere to which Gentlemen,Indian,Mudhalvan belongs.

    In fact he seems to predictably toggle between polotical fantacy and semi-romantic-masala. But he do it so well that people have accepted it for more then a decade.

    I wish ‘boys’ was a hit, which could have encouraged him to do something different.


  7. Wish i had a collection of all kamal faces. India today, long back published a collection of passport size photos of kamal in all his movies. That would be a splendid collection.

    if you guys mail me different photos of Kamal, i will compile them into a Photo collection.

    what say ? my email – keerthivasan at gmail dot com

  8. Interesting pix. Thanks lazy.

    But Vikram, please come back to your moustached cropped self soon. And oh, don’t use rollers or straighteners on your hair. seeing those gives me the same feeling as fingernails on a blackboard. 🙂

  9. Guys, you got me all wrong, I was commending you Lazygeek and appreciating your efforts. (This is in no way a sarcastic or sardonic comment.) I am very happy to see you do such cool stuff on the net because I heard (maybe I’m wrong) that if you save pictures from another site and then upload it to yours, you have to get clearance first. But then as you say its probably farce because the whole internet works like that! Also, does it cost to use Flikr and how does one use it?

  10. and wanted to ask you this, LG– do you actually subscribe to Vikatan(online)?? if so, is the online version worth it?

  11. gotta agree with ram, something seems to be missing from the stills. feels very ordinary. and it definitely does not compare to the indian still on ananda vikatan. not because that was kamal’s movie or anything, but because there was something intriguing about that still that made you wonder about the characterization. with these stills, somehow vikram looks old and jaded! i just hope shankar does a better job of showcasing the agraghaaram life than he did in gentleman and use it more than a mere prop!


  12. I hope Anniyan is not a ripoff of Daredevil.The screenshots, dont show him like he is blind, so I dont think that that information is true.

  13. Yep !! PINK lipstick Maran. Gay?? Probably one of the 30 veshams in Anniyan.

    Shankar Pratap, Very True. Boys would have allowed Shankar to change. Else he will wind up with another pedestrian fantasy flick. I don’t think that Anniyan would transfer Shankar from his most successful path of film making. So Shankar’s interview wasn’t a great disappointment. One of the many things that I expect from Anniyan is some good screenplay with interesting situtations, which I firmly believe is Shankar’s USP. Remember Indian’s scenes at the hospital where Thatha escapes in the ambulance. The amazing scene in Mudhalvan where Manivannan talks that lengthy dialogue to Arjun. Classy !!

  14. Ram, A friend of mine subscribes to vikatan. It’s worth the money. Certainly.

    Venkat, Got you know. I misunderstood 😉

    Karthik Saar, Why would you long that Anniyan stills should be as intriguing as Indian. I would say Mudhalvan posters really set me thinking that what kind of a movie it would be !!

    Vijay/Nitin, If thats a gossip you would see that appearing slowly throughout the blogosphere in the days to come. I creates a hype and the movie eventually sells. Right ?

  15. “I read that Anniyan is supposedly ripped off from “Daredevil”(*ing Ben Affleck). If its true, then Vikram is a lawyer by day, blind but has an extraordinary 4 other radar-like senses. By night, he is the “Anniyan”, playing vigilante and hunting down criminals”

    I haven’t seen Daredevil yet. But I have seen a Tamail movie on similar lines long long back. Remember Prem’s ‘Krodham’ (it even had a sequel). Forget Krodham, remember Thalaivar’s ‘Naan Sigappu Manidhan’ ???

  16. Maverick, Naan Sigappu Manithan was the first movie that came to me a year back when Shankar’s interview said that Anniyan is a mand out from dark to solve people problems.

    Another Robinhood; Shankar stlye. Even thirupaachi was like a robinhood. the second half was a torture.

  17. Shankar, to make it look different from other similar stories, he doesn’t portray ther hero out gunning for personal revenge alone. In Tirupaachi, the story was just about personal revenge avenging the villain trio of Saniyan sagadai, Pan Paraag something and some other dubukku villain. Gentleman, Indian, Mudhalvan was more of samuga sevai crusade like Krodham, Samurai etc. I guess Anniyan would also be another samuga-sevai kaaga kolai panra hero. Shankar konjam diff a yosichu irukaalam this time. But if he comes up with a hit this time too, then you gotta give credit to this guy.

  18. I remember reading recently (yahoo india movies probably) that Amitabh’s next movie is about a blind lawyer. Coincidence?

  19. guru,

    i dont long for anniyan stills to be like indian. the point was in any of the previous movies which was in the vigilante genre, shankar’s stills have been quite interesting to look at. in these stills, that is missing. that is all i say! 😉


  20. maverick,

    mudhalvan also had revenge element in it. arjun’s parents die in a bomb blast after which he decides to be the makkalin maindhan!


  21. Illai Sir. Shankar’s movies had the revenge element. I am not denying that. But he doesn’t portray the hero going all out ONLY to avenge his personal enemies. He adds in the social cause element and the hero tries to wipe off all anti-social elements to cleanse this society. In Gentleman, though it started because of his personal tragedy, he goes out robbing all rich people and bureaucrats to give free education.

    In Mudhalavn, he doesnt have any personal enmity against Raghuvaran to start with. Just because Raghuvaran challenges him to take up the CM post, he goes all out and tries to eliminate corruption. After Raghuvaran kills Arjun’s parents, he takes personal revenge on him in the climax.
    In Indian, again it starts with Kamal’s daughter’s death. But he also goes on killing each and every corrupt bureaucrat he sees.

    So just personal tragedy kku mattum revenge yedukkarthoda niruthidaama, Shankar’s heroes goes out of his way to cleanse the society also. athaan sonnen naan.

    Amithab as a blind lawyer in his next movie? ‘Black Coat’ after Black 🙂 ?

  22. maverick,

    i get your point. btw, i believe that it has to be a form of personal revenge for anyone to cleanse any system? i mean, leave aside such violent reasons for revenge that provoke characters in movies to take on the system, but i strongly believe that somewhere the motivation to want to cleanse the system is personal. like a revenge on those who not only turn their backs but also diminish the dreams of those who want to change the system. 🙂


  23. For lazygeek, I think chandramukhi, baba, annamalai and all are blockbuster music but an album like anniyan is a disappointment. Very unique taste you’ve got guru. Anniyan is first class and top of the range stuff. If the story turns out to be good, it’ll just be a blockbuster and push chandramukhi to the next spot.


  24. anniyan is the nice moive….is great,good job for all the crew that make this filem.vikram good act..i hope u will make more good filem soon..

  25. Well, the movie was ok. But not upto the expectations. The comedy was good. But unfortunately the homework done by Shankar must have been less, considering the fact that he had taken movies like Indian and Muthalvan earlier. The introduction of Ambi was lenghty, which also made the movie very lengthy, a gruelling 3 hours. The fight scenes copied from Matrix was not stunning at all.

  26. Anniyan has established Vikram as the new king of kollywood surplusing The superstar himself hence becoming the new superstar. What An acting there is no words to describe vikram acting in Anniyan.It’s the best and even Prakash Raj has said in the flim too.

    Next Manja is going to be explosive. Vijay and Ajit learn from this man how to act.

  27. Hi guys! someone, plz help me! I want wikram’s email-id. If not plz suggest me any means to contact him! It’s urgent.

  28. hey ur were totally amazing in anniyan, vikram. i’m from blore and i am an ayiangar. ok, that’s it for now. i love you!!

  29. hey, can someone give me vikram’s email id? he is soooooooo cool!! i wanna talk to him sooooooooooo bad!!!!!

  30. If anyone has not watched “Anniyan”, man U have missed a life-time Movie!! It is an amazing, awesome,superb Movie!!! I dont have words to describe it. Vikram’s Acting is sooooo gooooood. He excels anyother actor in the world and his looks too is amazing. He is looking better than any Hollywood actor!!!!!!!!!!!! Vikram.. U r toooooooooo gooooood!!

  31. hai vikram,

    its fantastic to see u like this in anniyan, go ahead…….love u lot….

  32. The movie was fantastic! It was really enjoying and something different… Vikram has given his best shot in this movie. i love the figting scene the most coz it looks really natural. I love u Vikram… I love u Remo…

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