After Starbucks it’s Netflix

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As Starbucks is for coffee, Netflix is for movies, says Reed Hasting, Netflix CEO. I prefer to change Reed Hastings’ words. Like Google is for search, Starbucks is for coffee and Netflix is for movies. For all the three brands have been under-estimated when they came about. And slowly people started submitting to them. Now they rule their areas of operation, however modularized they are.

Having a Blockbuster right outside my apartment complex, I was tempted to join Blockbuster’s DVD by mail program so that I would also get some coupons for in-store movie rentals. After all I thought, brand doesn’t matter. A movie buff requires only a store with movies and it will do. After constant pressures from few of my like-minded friends, I landed at Netflix.

Netflix was a suprise to me. I got DVDs delivered in one day interval and I’ve been watching movies nearly everyday for the last month. More than my urge to watch movies, it’s Netflix thats pushing DVDs one after the other, three at a time, like a server robot to make me watch movies. Thats one reason I started the two-minute reviews category in the blog. Still, with the in-flow of movies, I’ve not been able to jot much. The more I watch the less time I get for other stuff. Cable no more attracts me. Even HBO seems so trivial. When I have Netflix, I can nearly watch any hollywood movie I wish, within a day’s time. Though I miss those days of watching a movie trailer in Star TV and waiting for it to be premiered, Netflix is a killer service.

A friend who went ahead with Blockbuster cancelled it’s service because even the first DVD arrived five days after him subscribing to it. Another friend gets movies regularly from Blockbuster. So Blockbuster isn’t any less than Netflix except that Netflix has seven years of pioneering experience in DVD rental-by-mail industry. They also have a stupendous back-end. Probably a well developed Data Warehouse I suppose. They analyze every subscriber’s movie likings and have put up a movie recommendation section that just rocks. Also their strategically placed collection centers play a vital role in Netflix’s progress.

Netflix heavily relies on the well developed the American postal service. Else even day-dreaming a service like this would be waste of time. With heavy rumors surrounding Netflix being takenover by Amazon, though I hate consolidations in the industry, if only Amazon could add more value to the existing Netflix service, it would be a warm welcome. Also, Blockbuster planning to double-up it’s rental stores as collection centres would increase it’s service capabilities exponentially and would be a looming threat to Netflix. If only success depends on customer satisfaction, Netflix wins hands-down.

I already have 65 movies in a queue ranging from Psycho to Identity to Malena to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. So one day it’s Dennis Weaver trying to runaway from a truck driver in Spielberg’s Duel. Another day it’s Branko Djuric as Ciki becoming victim of a bombing in No Man’s Land. Be it Antonella Attili falling in love with movies and Cinema Paradiso, Renée Zellweger as Bridget Jones writing a diary, Robert De Niro boxing his way with the Raging Bull, John Cusack and you getting crazy inside the head of John Malkovich, Shahrukh as the stupendous Mohan Bharghava catching the next AirIndia to India or even Nana Patekar doing a realistic act as Sadhu Agashe while couting Ab Tak Chappan, the possiblities with Netflix are limited by the number of movies released. Netflixing Life !!

14 responses to “After Starbucks it’s Netflix”

  1. Nilu Avatar

    Naan ippothu chennai vaasi…..where do I find a Netflix here?…any chance?..


  2. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Nilu, You can find Cinema Paradiso and Tik Tak on Abiramapuram. They are probably the best DVD rental outlets in Chennai.


  3. Bart Avatar

    It really sounds gr8! I just wish there was something similar here in India catering DVDs at home, of Indian and foreign languages. Probably the buffs out here would get to watch some well-appreciated national/international movies door-delivered…
    Problem seems multi-fold to repeat the model here: a) organizing and maintaining a huge library, b) transportation means c) economics and d) discipline from subscribers…
    If it happens in India, atleast would help lazy ‘movie buff’ geeks (pun intended)working long hours in software industry here. As of now, US-wasis can ‘flick’ around netflixing.. Nzoy..


  4. Hari Avatar

    As far as the foreign movies are concerned, there a re umpteen places to get all those dvds.
    Its in the Indian arthouse, Indian shops really suck.


  5. harish Avatar

    I am waiting for Amazon to start their own service.

    And check out this netflix calculator.


  6. Keerthivasan Avatar

    Lazy, watch “A Few Good men”.. i dont get bored, everytime i see it


  7. aNTi Avatar

    Few more months, I hope to be in the same situation as you!


  8. thennavan Avatar

    I have got another name for HBO – Hopelessly Boring Offerings 🙂 (HBO is getting to be more sleazy these days).

    I agree that Netflix has brand value but if you were also a Games aficionado, you may want to consider an up and coming service called Gameznflix. They rent both movies and games for a low price and if they stick to their business plan, I can see them take away some market share from both Netflix and Blockbuster.


  9. vasanth Avatar

    Lazy, most movies you listed shud be available in the civic center libraries in most US cities.
    Netflix service is great and their collection rocks, but you sure r gonna get burned out sooner than you thought 🙂


  10. rk Avatar

    Netflix is great. $20 a month, unlimited movies. Blockbuster is just terrible.


  11. JK Avatar

    I am trying out a blockbuster now and I have to agree with you regarding their delivery schedule. In Netflix, when they put an expected arrival date, usually the DVD arrives one day before that. In blockbuster, it is one day after. Netflix also has a large collection of Indian movies.


  12. Vijays Avatar

    Just 5 Tamizh dvds available to rent in netflix! :_(


  13. Vijay Avatar

    Guys I am currently using 1800imall and getting movies by mail after 2 weeks. Is this common? whis is the best online rental for tamil DVDs in terms of speed, reliability and collection size?


  14. Ganesh Avatar

    Tried Netflix some time back. I have a bunch of gripes. They don’t carry many new movies. If you queue up new movies with old ones, they would send the old ones since the new movies are not in stock.

    Good to see a satisfied customer though.


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