Happy Birthday Dude !! – Sujatha Rangarajan


A friend of mine came from India last week. He brought along some Ambika appalams and Manga thokku bottles. I threw them aside and got hold of something else which I wanted desperately. Sujatha‘s Selected Shortstories Part II. He gave me a wierd look and said, “Machan Itha ethukku eduthundu vara sonna ? “. I smiled and started reading the first page. He wasn’t bitten by the Sujatha bug. I was, badly.

It wasn’t until I read Nila Nizhal I went gaga over Sujatha. Like Sidney Sheldon, I was thinking Sujatha was a female writer initially. I was amused when (s)he wrote about teenage bloopers in Nila Nizhal. It was just a beginning and it was there my journey alongwith Sujatha started. From the Purasawalkam’s Tana street potti kadai to Tambaram Sanitorium library to Mylapore Azhwar Kadai, I have bought/read/enjoyed Sujatha everywhere. I even carried a Sujatha novel to my first interview. To read when I got some spare time.

As a teenager, I was quite amazed how could realistically write a teenager’s mind in Aathalinaal Kathal Seiveer and that same amazement follows me through the wineshop scenes of Shankar’s Boys. When I watched Enn Iniya Iyandhira on cable, I had the book in my hand to follow it real close. With Anithaavin Kaathalgal, I was convinced that this guy wrote better romance fiction than many contemporary tamil writers. With Kanavu Thozhirchaalai I was sure that my interests matched Sujatha. I read Madhyamar and started worshipping. Roja, Indian, Mudhalvan, Kannathil Muthamittal and Boys continues to say what an interesting dimension a book writer can bring into a movie. I am still positive that my interests match Sujatha’s. What a stupid statement you would think. I am not bothered. But I relate to him so much. A millions of other fans join me. It’s probably this USP of relating to him makes him supreme than others in Tamil writing scene. Just last week, I completed reading his Madhyamar and Thoondil Kathaigal, again, in the bathroom. Though till day, Guruprasadin Kadaisi Dhinam continues to reamin as my all-time favorite of Sujatha.

Why would directors like Mani Ratnam and Shankar go back to Sujatha when they are savvy enough to pen screenplay & dialogues by themselves. When Mani Ratnam shot Uyire[Dil Se] he discussed the story with Sujatha. Sujatha then wrote the story in a novel format. The format was then converted to screenplay and dialogues were written.

Sujatha’s first story was published in 1954 in a magazine named Sivaji. His next story Athirchi was published six years later in Kumudam. So if we assume 1954 to be his official start date as a writer, he completes 51 years in writing.

I probably cannot finish the post as I have a tsunami of thoughts on his writing. So here’s wishing a man whose brains I would wish to own, A Very Joyous Birthday, as he completes 70 years on planet earth. Here’s Sujatha about himself –


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  1. F e r r a r i Avatar

    Cant believe he is 70. Neither does his looks or his writings say so 🙂 Happy birthday dude 🙂


  2. Ramji Avatar

    Hi Guru
    That was good post. Btw, did u read his latest article in Vikatan’s Kattrathum Pettrathum?? Its very touchy. Its available in Desikan’s blog.

    My hearty wishes to the great writer. Even at 70, he transforms himself into the minds of his character, be it a kid, teenager, a lawyer or be it any character in any profession. That’s what makes him so special. So versatile in writing, he covers Science, religion, ancient literature, novels, short stories and dialogs for films and what not!

    Happy B’day Mr. Sujatha


  3. desikann Avatar

    Good posting.
    I have reproduced the Vikatan posting in my blog with some graphics 😉
    – desikan


  4. Chakra Sampath Avatar

    Guru.. that was a gud one. I have read almost all of Sujatha’s writings and I could easily relate to what you say. I still cherish the autograph that I got from him on Jan 14, 1992 at Vikatan function at Kamaraj Hall, Chennai.

    Hats off to Rangarajan Sir.


  5. kdot Avatar

    i loved his short story called “mahabali” …and also the “madhyamar” series…my friend said there was another book called “meendum madhyamar”.. anyone have that book??

    enna Lazy , a post abt sujatha without Ganesh/Vasanth??they were wonderful too…


  6. KITKAT Avatar

    Many happy returns of the day Sujatha Sir. Right from my teen years I am his avid reader. I am lucky that the book Yen Edharku Eppadi from Vikatan starts with my question to him. He is a youth at heart and appearance.


  7. Prabhu Venkatramani Avatar
    Prabhu Venkatramani

    I’m happy to have studied in Srirangam High School, which gave a chance to glimpse at my favorite writer once in a while when he attends our school functions as a alumni!

    Happy Birthday Sujatha!


  8. arvind Avatar

    tamizh seriyaaga padikka theriyaadha naan, indru kooti kooti ezhuthukazhai muzhunguvadhirkku karanam Sujatha! avarai indha “pirappu mudhal panirendaavadhu vaguppu varai HINDI paditha manavankku”, arimugam seidhadhu guru neeenga dhaan..

    sujathavukku yen mariyadhaikkuriya pirandha naal vazhthukal, guru ungalukku eppidi nandri solvaaen..



  9. Raj Avatar

    “Srirangathu Devadaigal” was excellent piece of writing which had a nice blend of real life incidence and story


  10. thennavan Avatar

    Having been born in Srirangam, I should have special affinity for Sujatha. My father’s friends were Vaali and Nagesh and they acted together in dramas. My father refused to follow them into the film industry since he loved what he was doing as an amateur and was not in it for the money.

    Sujatha has set a benchmark for tamizh writers and is the first to combine his technology orientation with his love for writing and thus, has given us masterpieces. What more to say?

    Sujatha, we love you Sujatha
    Believe us, we like you Sujatha



  11. Nitin Avatar

    Yea. LG. same here. I have had the same experience as you. I started reading books of Sujatha by accidnet and started liking it. I also saw him once, he got into the elevator, then i had run down the stairs, and finally got hold of him, and he gave me his autograph on a piece of paper. I have carefully preserved it, for many years now. He is such a knowledgeable guy,and I dont know how he does it, he is such a good writer. He does so many things at one time, writing books, writing in magazines, writing dialogues for the best directors. Its just the way he writes is so amazing.He knows many things, and he just aobut writes aobut anything. recently his cellphone got stolen in besant nagar beach, so he wrote, what we should do if we are ever in a situation in like that. Then he wrote about allergies, how it is caused, then in kadrathum pethrudum, he wrote about the tamil cooking shows that come on tv, his writing is amazing. I learned how to read, and write tamil just to read his books.


  12. Keerthivasan Avatar

    It was a very touching post on Vikatan in Katrathum Petrathum. I was wondering why Sujatha would be talking more and more on death. BTW – Sujatha says, “even im a blogger.. only i post on magazines”.


  13. Arun Avatar

    Hi My name is Arun, and my birthday is also on May 3, My father is a very real fan of Sujatha and I too read many of his stories,

    Even my name is taken from the name of one of his stories – Kanavu Thorizhsalai – (Dream Industry). the hero of that story was Arun,

    Wish you many more birthdays -> Sujatha


  14. senthil Avatar

    guru..did u read kattrathum..petrathum where sujatha explains his ageing with a pinch of humour..aana i felt so sad after reading that..got a choke..sincerly that moment i prayed almighty for his longevity..


  15. Lazy Geek Avatar


    Padichen. Infact I read it last friday itself. Just wanted to pass his birthday and write something about it. As you had said like everyone I was upset. BTW, did you read the latest post now. I have written on the same column.


  16. keshava Avatar

    I thank you very much for kind remarks about my father. It really gives me great happiness to hear people appreciate him for his contributions.

    One of the lesser known facts is that he has been struggling with health issues for quite a while now. Hence his slightly disturbing viewpoints in “Kattradhum Pettradhum”.

    But it is fans like yourself and his writing that keeps him motivated, keeps him happy, keeps him going.

    As a son that is all I want.

    Thanks again.

    keshava rangarajan


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