Weekendies !!

Kaadhal Yaanai of Anniyan is the latest buzz in kollywood. Srikanth has a good technical review of Anniyan. Prabhu, the kadhal mannan of Chennai Blogosphere get a niche area to review. He reviews the Anniyan lyrics. Great going. I ain’t writing any reviews for Anniyan music. Not too inspiring to write about. However I’m glued to acid looping[ as Srikanth says] of Kaadhal Yaanai. Rest, let’s watch with the movie.

Chenthil blogs about Madras Book Club function felicitating Jeyakanthan for being awarded the Jnanpith Award. Makes me miss Chennai again.

Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani ? is a great read. This short story which is a sublime commentary of the current social mindset by using the history, was awarded First Prize in Thinnai Sci-fi shortstory contest, judged by Sujatha. Another one which I liked was Bhimba Uyirgal by Arun Vaidhyanathan. The one by Karthikesu on Kofi Anan was an intelligent thought.

Tiger should be out by today. The latest OS offerring from Apple for Mac seems promising. The most talked about feature is like Google to the Mac. Spotlight, a feature in the Tiger Mac OS can search just about anything in the computer with the text you type. They have also added a Robot to the OS, Automator.

After sometime, the competition starts getting annoying. It was as though Yahoo was waiting for Google’s release of personal search, their release of My Web just tailgated Google’s release. Peace to both the dudes !!

Finally, over the weekend, they predict a little sunshine in Seattle. Planning an outdoor party on the shores of Lake Washington in Mercer Island. Sunshine, I hope.

18 responses to “Weekendies !!”

  1. Gp Avatar

    May i b the first to leave a comment…everyone on weekend mode, man, i think this would be this first time ive seen the comment section empty.

    (1) Anniyan was good. To Listen. If you go into lyrics, youll feel dumb. And I dont use Nokia, or an Apple, or drink Cappuchino, wasnt born on Valentines day, dont have cyanide..bla..bla..bla. I just can wait to see how the songs are pictured.

    (2)Tiges is around the corner and someone is suing Apple already, read(read) the post in Gemini’s site.

    (3) Sci-Fi (or SF, the writers claim the genre is SF not sci-fi) in Tamil is a big improvment. For more than a hundred years the genre has shaped the world, culture, humanity and not forgetting ushering in the future. Authors like Sir Arthur, Asimov, Philip K Dick, Niven, Ursula and more have predicted so much of what we actually use today. May the Tamil SF develop into a standalone genre to inspire Tamil Futurist.


  2. Gp Avatar

    …pardon the typo…grrrrr

    By the way, the GEO Satellite, Space Elevator was postulated by Sir Arthur Clarke.


  3. thennavan Avatar


    Seattle Suriyan sudar vittu eriyum
    Adhu Chennai veppam illai endrum theriyum
    Nammooril kaanakkidaikkaatha paniyum
    Ivvooril ketkamudiyaatha kovil maniyum
    Trisangu Sorgam endra ninaippai thanthu maraiyum!



  4. sudarshan Avatar

    Last week was pretty sunny. I was there from Friday thru Monday.



  5. Badri Avatar

    hi people,

    Finally a quality movie like Anniyan in sight. I wanted to take a break after the Tamil new year releases especially after chandra and mumbai – two major hyped up movies. We all need a break and get into cool stuff – that’s what sankar is gonna come up with I guess. Anyways high time rajini quit movies or otherwise try to do quality movies with directors like sankar. For kamal good that he’s trying to do movies with gautham and all but he should try to reduce his weight and looks really old and jaded in mumbaix. Guys hope actors like vikram and surya will keep coming up with trendsetters and give a break from from the usual burda movies of rajini.


  6. Prasath Avatar

    Hi All,

    According to me “Anniyan” music is too up hyped and Harris Jayaraj has disappointed big time. Its jus a OK album and doesnt match up with albums collaborated by ARR-Shankar combo. As a matter of fact it is not even as good as “Kakha Kakha”. Harris Jayaraj cannot slip into ARR’s big shoes. On the other hand try listening to “Arindhum Ariyamalum”, the album rocks. Its simply awesome and am hooked on to it the whole weekend. Watch out for YSR, he’s gonna rule the Tamil Film Music for years. In short YSR is the new KING of Tamil music industry.

    Wat say ppl ?


  7. Venky Krishnamoorthy Avatar

    TigerDirect (www.tigerdirect.com, an electronics /computers e-com site) is suing Apple for using the “tiger” name


  8. TJ Avatar

    Anybody know of a bookshop in Bangalore where Jeyakanthan books are available? I love to read his stories.


  9. F e r r a r i Avatar


    YSR–>King of Tamil Film Music?? When ARR is around, not possible. And I did listen to arindhum ariyamalum. Except for the habeeba song, nothing worth mentioning. And the song ‘konjam konjam’ reminds me a lot of ‘poi solla en mansukku theriyavillai’ from april madathil(sung and composed by YSR).


  10. subramanian Avatar

    Kamal hassan was playing a guy who falls in love wid a mom of a 10 year old and if u see that way he shud be atleast 35 years old in the movie and he was exactly that………….i dont think u shud be better than this to romance manisha…………i do agree that he is bloated and if it was any younger woman it might be jaded and out of context………


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