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How to name this post ?

Ram Murali was lucky enough to catch a preview of Mumbai Xpress. Also has put up a cool review on it. The first review of this movie. BTW, Mumbai Xpress gets red carpet welcome. Big-time marketing.

An amazing application of Google Maps and Craigslist. Try it out if you know what Craigslist is all about.

Didn’t I tell you that this will happen, sooner or later. Adipolli Chetta !!

Schumacher races through Mount Road. In the future. Patience required.

Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi completes 1000 shows. Now Radhika has a new target to reach. Anyone watching mega serials ?

Anyone with a camcorder/ internet connection is now a film maker. The buzz last week on Google Video is now gone live. Upload your videos to Google. Great News to independent and short film-makers.

25 thoughts on “How to name this post ?

  1. Above average (i understand the scale is w.r.t. Kamal’s comedy movies!) ??

    I dint go thru the review. Just went to the very last line to see the reviewer’s verdict and was heavily disappointed. Mite see it today or morrow.


  2. Been out of touch with Kollywood news but is Mumbai Express releasing today? Heard there was some problem with censors/PMK? Or maybe I just have wrong info 🙂

    btw,that Quix**** post was awesome 😉


  3. okay..this question is totally away from all of these topics. what is blogrolling? i know what it is basically, but when it says create a new blogroll, do i put my blog website address or do i put someone else’??


  4. lazygeek!

    i did a FDES (first day evening show) in typical Golmaal-Thillu Mullu style on Mumbai Xpress and almost felt the same way as Ram Murali did except for the Crazy-Mohan-absent-lament part. I feel the second half could have been done much better. First half was absolutely hilarious and all too good. Pasupathy excels! Also, Vaiyapuri provides able support in the first half. Detailed review later. Somehow feeling Hindi version is gonna be better with Saurabh Shukla (Santhana Bharathi role) and Om Puri (Nasser’s role) rocking! Not that Nasser was bad. Somehow, they (Santhana Bharathi & Nasser) could not add pep to the second half.


  5. Katz, Blog rolling is a way to keep all your blogs on the sidebar for reachability and also a way to provide links to others who read the blog.

    YB, Its a great application of Google Maps.

    Guys, Thanks for the pointer and quick reviews to MX and CM.


  6. Another bundle from Rajini. I know his fans are elated and making a big thing out of the movie. But the truth is that the second half is a let down and as usual all the characters singing praise about the hero and the director missing the plot of tunring the heroine oriented movie into a hero dominated one. As usual a dummy one from Nayantara. All others adding to the Jaalra. The music is one good thing about the movie and obviously rajini acting after a gap. But could have been lot better. Here in the UK, i am off to see the hindi version of Mumbai Xpress. Guess it’ll be another trendsetter from the doctorate.


  7. reg. Srihari’s comments and LG’s response, i happened to buy the VCD of Thillu Mullu @ Raj Video Vision last month when I was in India…gosh, the movie is still hilarious…I guess good comedy never ages…the sight of Thengai shouting, “You CHEAT, LIAR 420” or Sowcar innocently singing paeans about her fictitious sister all ensure that Thillu Mullu is an evergreen comedy classic….


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